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Film festival cancels tribute to actor José Dumont, arrested for pedophilia

the film festival cinefantasy canceled the tribute he would pay to the actor José Dumont arrested in the act this Thursday (15), accused of storing images of sex involving children and for pedophilia.

The organization of the event released a statement regretting the events in relation to the actor, saying that “it has no control over the personal lives of the honorees” and that Dumont “was chosen for his beautiful professional career”.

Cinefantasy was launched in 2004 and is focused on the fantastic genre. Four films by José Dumont would be shown at the 14th edition of the festival, which takes place between the 13th and 25th of September.

Check out Cinefantasy’s statement in full:

It is with great regret that the organization of the 14th Edition of Cinefantasy has just canceled the tribute and the Exhibition dedicated to the actor José Dumont. Due to recent events involving the actor, we regret and record that the festival organization has no control over the personal lives of the honorees and was chosen for his beautiful professional career.

The 14th Edition of CINEFANTASY, one of the main Festivals of the avant-garde of Fantastic Cinema, continues with its programming where 115 films are being shown – 14 feature films and 92 short films in competitive shows with unprecedented sessions being shown at Reserva Cultural and Cine Satyros Bijou until next Sunday.

José Dumont, 72, played outstanding characters in Brazilian cinema and TV, such as Severino, from “Morte e Vida Severina”, between the 1970s and 80s. The last character on TV was Eudoro, from TV Globo’s 6 o’clock soap opera “In the Emperor’s Times”, in 2021.


According to the Civil Police, the investigations by the Child and Adolescent Victim Police Department began after surveillance cameras caught José.

According to investigations, he would have taken advantage of the prestige of being an actor with more than 40 years of career and with national recognition to attract the attention of a 12-year-old teenager, who was a fan of his, and developed a close relationship offering financial aid and gifts.

From there, according to police, the suspect would have made advances with kisses on the mouth and intimate caresses that were captured by the cameras.

The communication sector of Rede Globo stated that the actor José Dumont was hired as the right work specifically for the soap opera “Todos as Flores”, to be shown on Globoplay. But that, in the face of the reported facts, Globo made the decision to remove him from the soap opera.

“The suspicion of pedophilia is serious. No abusive and criminal behavior is tolerated by the company, even if it occurs in the personal lives of contractors and third parties who have any relationship with it,” Globo said in a statement.

Source: CNN Brasil

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