Final report points out that Paulinha Abelha died of nervous system infection

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Paulinha Abelha, forró singer of the band Calcinha Preta, died from an infection in the nervous system, according to the final report finalized this Thursday (31). The artist died on February 23 this year, aged 43, after spending six days in hospital.

The Primavera Hospital, in Aracaju (SE), confirmed at the time that Paulinha died as a result of a condition of multisystem involvement. The singer’s husband, Cleverton Venâncio Santos, requested a specialized medical opinion to investigate the causes of his wife’s hospitalization and death.

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According to the report, the kidney injuries presented by the patient are not related to the use of medication.

”Based on the medical documents analyzed, the liver injury has no causal link with the prescribed drugs. Exams performed (Liquor) show an infection in the Central Nervous System, with cellularity demonstrating the diagnostic hypothesis of Meningitis”, says the document.

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The report also highlights that “prescription drugs […] did not cause injuries and/or intoxication in the patient, that is, there is no causal link between the prescribed drugs and the death event. There are no elements to conclude that food poisoning triggered the patient’s pathology, however, food poisoning can cause kidney, liver and brain damage, culminating in some cases with the death of the patient depending on the severity of the disease and the virulence of the pathological agent”.

According to the specialized medical report, there are no elements to establish whether the anticipated demand for medical care in this case could contain the evolution of the disease. However, the document emphasizes the importance of quickly seeking medical attention, which in most cases is ideal for successful treatment.

“However, the evolution of the pathology presented by the patient was rapid and uncontrollable, evolving to death. The patient’s death occurred due to an infectious process in the Central Nervous System, as stated in the Death Certificate, and not due to exogenous drug intoxication”, concludes the medical opinion.

repercussion of death

On his social media, President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) wrote that “our forró today feels a great loss with the passing of singer Paulinha Abelha, one of the greats of the legendary band Calcinha Preta. Our condolences and solidarity with the singer’s family, friends and fans. May God comfort everyone’s hearts with his infinite love!”

The mayor of Aracaju, Edvaldo Nogueira (PDT), also published a message lamenting the singer’s death. “With great regret and sadness, feelings that take care of all of us at this moment, I regret the death of singer Paulinha Abelha. My condolences to family, friends, bandmates and all the fans. May God comfort the hearts! Singer from Sergipe, of great talent and huge success throughout the country with the band Calcinha Preta, Paulinha leaves a legacy in forró, with her remarkable voice and her unique way of interpreting the songs that moved and made the joy of thousands of fans”, he wrote.

Writer and playwright Walcyr Carrasco also mourned the singer’s death. “Unfortunately we lost another great artist. 2022 has not facilitated our happiness. I leave here my feelings for the family and friends of singer Paulinha Abelha, lead singer of Calcinha Preta.”

Also singer Joelma published an emotional message of condolence. “Paulinha, your voice, your smile, your joy, your light, your friendship and your affection always with me…all this will be forever kept in my memory and in my heart. Rest in the arms of the Father my friend ” My condolences to family, friends, fans and the @calcinhapreta family.”

Singer Gaby Amarantos wrote: “Paulinha you made a lot of people spin black panties on their finger in the air, and cheered crowds with your joy and sensuality. Thank you singer!!!”

Source: CNN Brasil

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