Finally! With the original song and this video, Netflix reveals the release date of ‘Rebelde’

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Rebel It was a soap opera that marked a whole generation, that’s why when Netflix announced that it would make an adaptation of the famous soap opera, the hearts of all the fans beat again while in their minds they could listen to the famous songs of the melodrama.

For months we heard little news of the new version, such as that the cast would be carried out by several famous children but now the great one of streaming He surprises us with two things: a music video and also the release date… this is so exciting!

We already have a release date!

It will be on January 5, 2022 when we will be able to enjoy this new adaptation on the platform that will be directed especially for a new generation of young people and why not, also for those of us who years ago were fans of the telenovela and we chanted with all the emotion possible : “And I’m a rebel, when I don’t follow others!”

They also revealed the music video for the song. Rebel

In the video you can see all the new aspects that will make up the series, from the new uniform of the protagonists, they have already left behind the red tailor-style bags, denim mini-skirts and high boots to make way for a more colorful wardrobe and a little more daring, yes, they kept the ties but now the skirts will be worn by both men and women.

It will not be based on the Mexican version

Scene from the new version of Rebelde

Pedro Damián, producer of the Mexican version of Televisa, was not invited to the project that Netflix is ​​developing, and said that perhaps this new production is more based on the original version of Argentina. However, he did collaborate with the music, since the new series will have the songs that he made and that, of course, he already lent the rights.

They will make the Argentine version (Rebelde Way) and will occupy the scripts of the first version and not those that we made in the Mexican soap opera. With those scripts I think they will make their own version, which will be shorter, closer to the reality of this generation and is setting its own goals.

Now we just need to mark the days on the calendar so that the premiere date arrives soon and, now, to issue a true criticism of this new series.

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