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Find out how CNN Brasil uses artificial intelligence tools

A CNN Brazil began using an artificial intelligence tool to transcribe video content into written articles for its digital platforms. The texts are based on video cuts from newspapers in their programming, including reports, live entries, analyzes and interviews.

All information that appears in these texts was investigated and checked by anchors, analysts, reporters and content producers from CNN. After transcription, the texts also undergo, without fail, review by the company’s professionals.

After the team cut the video shown on one of the TV news programs and published it on YouTube, the artificial intelligence tool, based on the repertoire of texts from the CNN Brazil , suggests a text based on the transcription of this video. This material is reviewed and edited by a journalist to bring it up to CNN’s editorial standards before publication.

It is worth highlighting that the CNN Brazil does not use any type of external information to compose these texts and the tool “learns” and “improves” its performance by consulting only the database of articles published on the CNN Brasil website.

Editorial commitment

A CNN Brazil reaffirms its commitment to credibility and editorial independence, ensuring the investigation and checking of facts.

We are fully responsible for all content published on our platforms.

For this reason, these guidelines aim to establish practical parameters for use, checking and transparency in content produced using or based on AI or other technology and which is under our editorial authority.

Source: CNN Brasil

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