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Find out how the investigation into the death of a lawyer in Rio de Janeiro is progressing

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro are trying to clarify the case involving the murder of lawyer Rodrigo Marinho Crespo, who was shot on the 26th near his office, in the central region of the capital of Rio de Janeiro.

According to the police, Rodrigo's body had 21 puncture wounds caused by the gunshots, with most of the injuries on his face. He was attacked on the sidewalk of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB), a few meters from the state's Public Ministry and Public Defender's Office.

Security cameras recorded the moment of the crime. In the images, it is possible to see that the lawyer was killed by a hooded man who was already waiting for him and who got out of a white car.

The victim appears in the images near a newsstand when he is hit by several shots from a 9 mm pistol.

According to public security specialist José Ricardo Bandeira, the way the criminals acted leaves no doubt that it was an execution. “The criminal was in the back seat of a car. He already knew the victim's routine. Upon disembarking from the vehicle, with his face covered, he calls the victim by name and fires a large number of shots. This high number of gunshots could indicate a hate crime,” he explained.

Suspects are at large

The police have already identified two suspects who participated in the death of lawyer Rodrigo Crespo. According to investigations, Eduardo Sobreira Moraes was responsible for following the lawyer. Military police officer Leonardo Machado Silva would be responsible for organizing the logistics of the crime and providing Sobreira with the car, a white Gol.

Silva has already been investigated and arrested for murder, and for being part of a militia in Duque de Caxias.

The Civil Police carried out an operation last Monday morning (4) to try to arrest the two individuals allegedly linked to the crime.

A CNN tries to contact the lawyers of the suspects, who are considered fugitives.

Police investigate action by alleged extermination group

According to the police, the two suspects of having participated in the attack on the lawyer are being investigated for being part of an extermination group in Rio de Janeiro, whose crimes are committed through hiring.

By identifying the license plates of the two cars used on the day of the crime, the police discovered that one of the cars was cloned and the other had been rented by the military police officer.

According to investigations, PM Leonardo Machado Silva, assigned to the 15th BPM (Duque de Caxias), has business with Vinícius Pereira Drumond, who is the heir of Luizinho Drumond, a deceased criminal in Rio. The police do not confirm whether Vinícius is involved in the crime , but he is investigated.

Over the modus operandi of criminals, delegate Felipe Curi, director of the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection, states: “These are characteristics that reveal the signature of a certain criminal group that has already been investigated by the Homicide Department, whose crimes present a high complexity of elucidation . But in this case it was different and we made great and rapid progress in the investigation of this crime.”

Suspect was appointed to a position at Alerj after crime

Eduardo Sobreira Moraes was appointed to a position in the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro (Alerj) on February 29, three days after the crime.

In a publication in the Official State Gazette this past Friday (1st), Eduardo received the position of Assistant in the Heritage Department. The appointment was signed by the president of Alerj, Rodrigo Bacellar (União Brasil), and by the first secretary of the Board of Directors, Rosenverg Reis (MDB).

Police rule out connection with victim's professional activity

The motivation for the crime is still unknown, but the investigation rules out any relationship with the defender's job.

“Some motivations appear on the horizon, but we can’t say for sure right now. In principle, it is not directly linked to the legal activity. This was important to define soon”, said Marcus Amim, Secretary of Civil Police.

Suspected police officer was already off the streets

In a statement, the PM informed that Leandro Machado da Silva was already away from the streets, as he responds to another investigation for participation in a criminal organization, having been preventively arrested in April 2021.

“The Internal Affairs Department had already initiated an Administrative Disciplinary Procedure in relation to the police officer, which could culminate in his exclusion from the ranks, says the PM.

In addition to the temporary arrest warrants against the two suspects, the Civil Police took to the streets this Monday to execute five search and seizure warrants against those being investigated.

(Published by Fábio Munhoz)

Source: CNN Brasil

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