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Find out the meaning of Nala, the name of Iza and Yuri Lima's daughter

Iza 33, and Yuri Lima 29, announced last Monday night (13), that they are expecting a girl, who will be named Nala .

“Welcome”, wrote the singer on social media when sharing the video of the intimate reveal tea. In the images, she and her boyfriend punctured a balloon and soon the pink confetti came to the fore.

African origin and more

The name of African origin means, among many things, gift , gift , loving , success It is queen .

It is worth mentioning, however, that Nala also carries an even greater representation for the singer, as she references the character from the film “The Lion King”, voiced by her in 2019 during the live-action version of the classic film. Disney .

In fact, the original feature film, released in 1994, was the first one seen by the artist on the big screen.

“It was the first film I saw in the cinema. I must have been about 8 years old and I cried a lot, I was very emotional. This film marked my life and I think it is one of the films that has the most beautiful soundtrack for me”, said Iza at the time in an interview with Gshow.

Pregnancy announcement

Iza announced her pregnancy in early April. Since then, the artist has been sharing the stages of pregnancy, symptoms and joys of motherhood with internet users.

Source: CNN Brasil

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