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Find out what the stage of Madonna's show in Copacabana will be like

With just under two weeks left until the Madonna in Copacabana , in Rio de Janeiro, the event organizers have already started setting up the stage. The structure set up on the beach will welcome the queen of pop on the day May 4th .

With 812 square meters , the stage is 24 meters in front and has a height of 18 meters to the ceiling. According to the organizers, the stage will be twice the size of the one used on “The Celebration Tour”, which celebrates the queen of pop's 40-year career.

Furthermore, the structure will have three walkways which the singer and her dancers will perform during the show. The main one will be 22 meters long, while the other two will be 20 meters each.

Organized by Bonus Track, Madonna's show in Rio de Janeiro will be broadcast on TV Globo, Multishow and Globoplay.

The free presentation to the public is scheduled to start at 9:45 pm, on Copacabana beach.

Check out the images of the stage being set up for Madonna's show in Copacabana:

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Source: CNN Brasil

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