Find out who is Cristina Kirchner, Argentine vice president victim of an attack

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Cristina Kirchner, victim of an attempted attack on Thursday (1st), is the current vice president of Argentina. Before being elected to Alberto Fernández’s ticket in October 2019, she ruled the country from 2007 to 2015. Her husband, Néstor Kirchner, from whom she inherited her surname, was her predecessor in office.

The Argentine vice president is an exponent of “kirchnerism”, an Argentine political movement based on left-wing populist ideas.

Training and personal life

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Cristina Fernández was born on February 19, 1953, in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. She studied law at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata, where she began her political activism in the Peronist University Youth.

At the University, Cristina met Néstor Kirchner, whom she would marry in 1975. Together, they had two children, Máximo and Florência.

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Cristina and Néstor lived together in the province of Santa Cruz until 1976, where they worked as lawyers. During the Argentine military dictatorship, the couple was persecuted.

political career

In 1989, Cristina was elected deputy for the province of Santa Cruz. She was re-elected to the post in 1993.

The then deputy ran for and was elected to the Senate in 1995, returned to the House in 1997 and was elected to the Senate again in 2001.

As a parliamentarian, Cristina became known for defending human rights and policies to reduce inequalities.

In 2003, Néstor was elected president of Argentina, and Cristina became the country’s first lady. While her husband ruled the country, she decided to return to the Senate in 2005.

At the end of his term as president, Néstor gave up trying for reelection, making room for his wife to run for office.

Cristina Kirchner government

Cristina Kirchner was elected president of Argentina in 2007. Her husband continued to be an influential person in the presidency, especially in the economic area.

Cristina Kirchner’s government was marked by economic growth, increased public spending and the introduction of income distribution mechanisms. In the period, Argentina grew an average of 7.9% per year.

With Cristina in the presidency, the Argentines strengthened their ties with Mercosur. She maintained a good relationship with Brazil, ruled at the time by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) and later by Dilma Rousseff.

Cristina Kirchner’s government was also marred by suspicions of corruption, accusations of trying to restrict press freedom and obstructing investigations. The vice president.

In December 2011, routine tests detected an alleged thyroid cancer in Cristina. She had to undergo surgery to remove it.

At the end of her second term, in 2015, Cristina had not launched Daniel Scioli as a candidate, who was defeated by Mauricio Macri.

Vice president

Upon leaving the command of the country, Cristina decided to remain in politics. In 2017, she was elected to the Senate once again, aiming to oppose Macri.

In 2019, Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner launched a slate for the presidential elections, bringing together different sectors of the Argentine left. The election ended in the first round, with the victory of Fernández and Cristina.

Source: CNN Brasil

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