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Find out why Thiago Brennand must go through a hearing this Tuesday (30)

Find out why Thiago Brennand must go through a hearing this Tuesday (30)

Businessman Thiago Brennand must pass, this Tuesday (30), the first custody hearing on one of the crimes for which he is accused by the state court of São Paulo.

In the session, an accusation of rape will be analyzed, which would have occurred in the city of Porto Feliz, in the interior of São Paulo. The hearing will take place via videoconference and is scheduled for 2 pm. The case is being processed by the 2nd Court of Porto Feliz and is under judicial secrecy.

The victim is a woman from the United States, who met Brennand when she was interested in acquiring a horse, and ended up having a brief relationship with him. The businessman is accused of forcing sexual relations with the victim.

In the middle of the year, there is another hearing scheduled, which is related to the aggressions committed by him in a gym, in the west zone of São Paulo, against the model Helena Gomes.

At the moment, there are five arrest warrants against Thiago Brennand and eight criminal cases in the São Paulo court. The businessman is preventively arrested and, now, each case will be judged separately.

remember the case

Last year, a video surfaced in which Thiago Brennand appears attacking model Helena Gomes inside a gym, in a shopping center, in São Paulo.

At least 11 women sought the Public Prosecutor’s Office reporting other attacks. In September, the businessman traveled to the United Arab Emirates.

In October 2022, after his name was placed on Interpol’s wanted list, Thiago Brennand was arrested, but paid bail and was released. In March of this year, a new preventive arrest was decreed by the court.

The businessman returned to Brazil on April 29, and was taken to the headquarters of the Federal Police (PF) Superintendence in Lapa, West Zone of São Paulo. He is being held at the Provisional Detention Center in Pinheiros.

Thiago Brennand’s defense denies the accusations against the businessman.

Source: CNN Brasil