Find Qibla 1.7.0

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Find qibla – this program is simply the best program for finding qibla. It works offline. You just need to select your current city (where you are). If your smartphone doesn’t have a compass, it doesn’t matter, sign in Google Maps There is a function to measure distances. It is necessary to choose a Kaaba with a mark, and a shadow to your mosque or your house. This must be done in satellite mode. That is, which you can see the streets and houses.

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The most accurate 3D compass and qibla locator based on tests across over 800,000 users. Uses the last position to calculate the distance to the Kaaba. You can update your position by connecting to GPS or WiFi. Alternatively, you can also select your current location from the database (must be written in Latin letters). 3D Pusula has over 23,000 cities and towns in its memory.

The normal mode of the compass indicates geographic North.

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In order for the compass to work properly, keep away from metals, magnets and the like. If you need calibration, then do this, rotate the phone in the form of eights or in the form of an infinity sign.

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