Home Tech News Fines traffic police – payment of fines online 3.49

Fines traffic police – payment of fines online 3.49

Fines traffic police – payment of fines online 3.49

Pay the fines of the traffic police, TsODD (parking fine), as well as any enforcement proceedings of the Federal Bailiff Service of Russia directly from the screen of your smartphone. Using our application, you can check the traffic police fines online and pay the fine without leaving your home. We work only with official state sources – the website of the traffic police ru (gibdd ru fines), GIS GMP, EMIAS DIT Moscow, bailiffs (fssp). Therefore, all traffic fines that you will see in our application are accurate and reliable. Checking fines and paying fines online is not all that you can do in the application. You can also pay the transport tax in it.


  • Traffic police fines with a photo and address of the violation. Traffic police fines with a photo will help you make sure that the car fines did not come to you by mistake, and also keep in mind for the future, where you need to drive a car especially carefully so that you no longer receive fines from traffic police from this area.
  • Possibility to pay fines online by credit card. You can check your fines and pay them instantly in the app. Services for the transfer of funds for fines are provided by Promsvyazbank PJSC (General license for banking operations No. 3251 dated 12/17/14).
  • You can find out traffic police fines by driver’s license (traffic police fines by rights), and a check for traffic police fines by STS is also available
  • Payment of fines with a 50% discount within 20 days from the date of the decision of the Code of Administrative Offenses
  • Find out traffic police fines instantly using push notifications
  • Reminder of the expiration of the fine payment period
  • Receive receipts for payment of fines
  • Fines for speeding violations, for improper parking in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, for any other official traffic violations

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