Finland and Sweden’s entry into NATO breaks neutrality standard, says professor

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If confirmed, the entry of Finland and Sweden into the North Atlantic Organization (NATO) will be an important geopolitical change, according to the professor of International Relations at Unifesp, Cristina Pecequilo.

“The presence of Nordic countries in NATO breaks a pattern of neutrality”, he evaluated, in an interview with CNN Radio.

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According to her, it will have consequences for European countries, which today support inclusion, as they see Russia as a threat.

“However, participating in NATO means contributing more financially to wars, Nordic populations have a peaceful life, focused on development, perhaps paying the cost of joining the Organization will not be seen with good eyes in the future.”

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In view of this, the professor highlights that “Russia sees this as a strangulation and a breach of commitments that comes from the 2nd World War to preserve its territory.”

“Finland is more important in this redesign of the strategic map, Sweden is relevant, but it was never seen as a threat by Russia in the historical context, because of its territorial position, Finland would have more impacts on the Russian situation”, he added.

On Tuesday, Turkey withdrew its objections to Finland and Sweden joining NATO, setting the stage for the two long-standing neutral countries to enter the defensive bloc.

For Cristina, if the war in Ukraine lasts until winter, the “political consequences for European leaders will be greater, we realized in practice with Macron, who was re-elected in France, but failed in the parliamentary elections.”

“Western fragmentation is real, companies leaving Russia are also suffering from the loss of markets, in addition to a high level of unemployment in powers like Germany,” he added.

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Source: CNN Brasil

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