Fiocruz researcher: Brazilian autonomy in vaccines will enable donation

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In the second half of 2021, Brazil advanced in vaccination against Covid-19. Two Brazilian states, São Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul, have already vaccinated 90% of their population with either two doses or Janssen’s single-dose immunizing agent. Three other states in the south of the country have more than 80% of the adult public fully vaccinated: Paraná, Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina.

Although the campaign does not take place on an equal basis across the entire territory, Brazilian autonomy in the production of vaccines will allow for a safer and more consistent scenario from now on. This is what explains the pulmonologist and researcher at Fiocruz, Margareth Dalcolmo

She says that the production of Fiocruz and the Butantan Institute may provide donations or negotiations for immunization agents, including to neighboring countries.

“The Brazilian autonomy achieved with the production of vaccines, either by the Butantan Institute or by Fiocruz, will allow us, in the near future, to collaborate with our neighboring countries. I have no doubt about that. Brazilian autonomy will certainly enable this donation or negotiation with countries in Latin America.”

Margareth explains that Latin America has different vaccination coverage rates and cites as an example of disparity what happens in Haiti, which in addition to not having production capacity, did not have the money to purchase doses.

“Caribbean countries received a percentage of vaccine through the Covax Facility mechanism that was not so small, however, there are countries very close to us, such as Haiti, which has almost no vaccinated population, which I consider a scandal, even, that the world has allowed this in such a small population. Why weren’t doses donated to mass vaccinate that population?”, asks the researcher.

Use of masks

Also during the interview with the CNN, Margareth Dalcolmo commented that some states are releasing the use of masks. About this, she stated that “the mask will still be a necessary equipment and that it will accompany us for a long time.”

According to her, to make this measure more flexible, the country as a whole must have a very low rate of deaths related to the disease and an even smaller number of people hospitalized by Covid-19. In addition, it will be necessary to achieve complete vaccination in 80% of the Brazilian population, considering in this statistic the booster dose for vulnerable groups and/or defined to receive the booster.

“The use of a mask is absolutely necessary even in all closed environments. We are in favor of going back to school, going back to face-to-face work, but people have to wear a mask. The transmission of SarsCov2, the Covid-19 virus, is known to be environmental. So the mask would be out in the open and active without crowding, no doubt about it. In multiple activities, with many people, even being outdoors, if you are very close, you should wear a mask”, he explains.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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