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Fiorello, the daughter Angelica special guest of Viva Rai 2

A smile, a kiss, a joke. In the episode of Monday 20 March Of Long live Rai2the presenter Fiorello he joked with a girl behind him which – according to some clues – could be his daughter Angelica. Although the conditional remains a must since there are none official confirmations, the most attentive observers have pointed out that the same face had also appeared in the show ten days before.

Already the March 9, in the episode of Long live Rai2 with guests some members of the cast of sea ​​out, Fiorello had paused about that girl sticking out behind him: first he turned around, pretending to notice a new face, then asked her for a kiss on the cheek. «He has an angelic voice“, He said BiggioFiorello’s shoulder, after the performance of a singer, complete with wink and close-up of the girl smiling.

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The encore, therefore, he didn’t wait: in the new skit, Fiorello suddenly hands over the microphone to «a young girl at random for the launch of the commercial». Here she is, again, that female face that comes out from behind and takes the camera: as some social users point out, the gaze of Flower And a concentrate of tenderness. It really is about Angelica, born in 2006, the daughter of the comedian and his wife Susanna Biondo?

It must be said that on the subject, Fiorello has always been reserved, tusing the girl as much as possible. The last photos together date back to last November, when the weekly Who has published some shots that portray dad and daughter ad an equestrian center, during a relaxing afternoon. It was just a few days before the debut of Long live Rai2 and no one would have ever thought of seeing that girl again in just one episode of the show.

Admitted and not granted that it really is Angelica Fiorello.

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