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Fiorello will soon be a grandfather: Olivia (Susanna Biondo’s daughter) is pregnant

The family of is growing Little flower. The showman he is about to become a grandfather for the first time. The news was given by Diva and Womanaccording to which Olivia Testa, the showman’s wife Susanna Biondo’s firstborn, is pregnant. The weekly magazine, in fact, immortalized the future grandfather while he caresses his daughter’s already evident belly. And the smile shown by Fiorello perfectly expresses his joy for this baby on the way.

Moreover, even though she is not his natural daughter, Rosario Fiorello has a very close bond with Olivia, born 31 years ago from the love between Susanna Biondo and the entrepreneur Edoardo Testa. «I’m not her natural dad, I’m her bubbly dad» he said some time ago in an interview about his relationship with the girl. An understandable relationship if you think that Olivia entered Fiorello’s life when she was still very young. And it was with her that the well-known TV face began to take on the role of father, before the birth of his daughter Angelica, who arrived in 2006.

Angelica Fiorello turns 18: the touching dance with her dad
The showman’s daughter celebrated her coming of age with a big party in Rome. And Fiorello, like any father, dancing with the little girl of the house who has come of age, couldn’t hold back his tears

For Olivia Testa this is the first child. The girl, according to Diva and Womanlives in Milan and works in the organizing committee of the Milano Cortina 2026 Winter Games. The baby will be born in December and is the fruit of love with Ansperto Radice Fossati Confalonieri, graphic designer and designer from Milan. The couple of future parents flew to Sicily, where Fiorello is spending the holidays with his whole family. A family that now has an extra member.

Source: Vanity Fair

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