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Firefighter dogs undergo training for rescue operations; look

Nineteen dogs from Fire Departments in six states are taking part this week in obedience, dexterity and search tests in wooded areas, forests and rubble. Only those approved will receive the National Search and Rescue Dog Certification and will be able to work with the corporation.

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The training will run until Friday (10) and is carried out at the 2nd Forestry and Environmental Relief Group of Magé, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition to Rio de Janeiro, delegations from Minas Gerais, Paraná, Santa Catarina, Rio Grande do Sul and Tocantins also participate in the training.

The certificate guarantees that both the military driver and the animal have the necessary qualifications to act in major incidents, nationally and internationally, involving lost or buried people.

The work of sniffer dogs draws attention especially during natural disasters. In the tragedy in Petrópolis, in February 2022, when heavy rains hit the city, 60 dogs from across the country were essential in the search for survivors. At the time, a series of landslides and floods left more than 240 people dead.

Before undergoing these assessments, dogs are trained since they are puppies. According to firefighters, only after about two years are the animals ready to participate in operations in landslides, landslides and in searches for lost people.

During this training period, they are accustomed to different types of terrain, such as grass, mud, earth and rocks, simulating rubble in disasters. The games are aimed at developing balance, dexterity and obedience. Each activity has a purpose and helps build the dogs’ skills.

“Today, the Rio Fire Department kennel [CBMERJ] is a reference in the country, with almost 50 certifications. The work of the dogs guarantees precision and agility in the search for victims”, stated the Secretary of State for Civil Defense and general commander of CBMERJ, Colonel Leandro Monteiro.

Watch training videos:

Source: CNN Brasil

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