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Firefighters from Amazonas arrive in RS to support rescues

The troop of 15 military firefighters from the Amazonas Military Fire Department arrived in Porto Alegre early in the morning on Thursday (16) where they presented themselves to the Crisis Committee. The military was sent by the Government of Amazonas to provide direct support in the search and rescue efforts for victims of the rains and floods. Initially, they will operate in the city of Lajeado.

In total, the team sent is made up of two divers, three lifeguards, two specialists in land rescue, one in natural disasters, one in Pre-Hospital Care (APH) and six specialists in rescue in collapsed structures.

According to Lieutenant Rodolpho Carepa, commander of the Amazonas fire department mission in Rio Grande do Sul, the agents will map the area to initiate actions according to demand.

Amazonas continues to provide food and water to the population of Rio Grande do Sul. In the capital, Manaus alone, there are more than 30 collection points for donations among state schools, family centers and public agencies. Participation is open to individuals, private entities, industries and businesses.

In addition, an exclusive collection point for food and medicines for animals was allocated at the state Department of the Environment (SEMA). Donations can be made until Friday (17).

The Civil Defense of Amazonas is also receiving relocation requests from Amazonians who live in Rio Grande do Sul, but who wish to return. At first, priorities must be met, such as the elderly, pregnant women and sick people.

To place the order, you must fill out a form or contact the number available on the official Amazonas Civil Defense website. According to the agency, around 100 requests were made, but there is still no forecast for withdrawal.

Source: CNN Brasil

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