First at La Scala, all the looks of the guests of the great evening

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The Teatro alla Scala, as per tradition, reopens its doors on the evening of Sant’Ambrogio. This time, we know, it’s not like all the others. The public returns to fill the famous Milanese institution. In a mask of course, but it will be possible to perceive the precious fabrics of the clothes resonating through the foyer and then vibrate in contact with the velvet of the armchairs. And all of this, let us tell you, is music to the ears of us fashionistas. Because we know that after the closed-door edition of 2020, the Premiere of 2021 it is special and full of expectations, albeit different.

On stage there is the Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, set in a dreamlike and dystopian reality, directed by Riccardo Chailly with the direction of Davide Livermore and starring sAnna Netrebko and Luca Salsi. The people of fashion, however, are waiting to see another show first, that of alavish, luxurious and precious guest bits of the great evening.

There will be a new Marina Ripa di Meana that in 1998, in the wind and blue writing No Fur, did he come up with a sudden couture blitz? Will Alfonso Signorini return to amaze, after having left his mouth open, wrapped in a very long red cloak in 2016? Will the jewels worn in the year of the rebirth (but still the pandemics) sublimate the view like the unforgettable pearls flaunted by Liz Taylor in 1972 in a turban and white fur?

None of this, apart from Signorini’s cloak, because this time excess and too much opulence are banned. Total black wins over everything and the watchword is “elegant sobriety”. After all, this is the first of Giorgio Armani, founding member not only of the Teatro alla Scala Foundation since the end of April, but also among the partners of the evening for having offered the theater’s floral decorations for the Premiere. To send the bar of style towards infinity and beyond this year is, therefore, the absolute King of Made in Italy who for the occasion dresses many celebrities and personalities of politics and culture.

He arrives himself, very elegant in a black velvet tuxedo, very shiny lace-up shoes and a blue mask, the surgical one, the most basic. And, as always, it conquers with its refined simplicity that has made the history of fashion: «After a difficult period for the world of entertainment and music, this premiere at La Scala takes on a strong symbolic value. The season of one of the most important institutions in the city opens and after months of capacity, La Scala finally welcomes the full public. I will be happy to be there, once again, and not only as a spectator and as a Milanese, but as a partner of the evening and creator of the theater’s floral decoration. This is for me, and for Milan, a moment full of energy and joy ”, declared the designer a few days earlier.

Giorgio Armani. Ipa photo

Maurizio Maule / IPA

In Armani too Laura, the daughter of Sergio Mattarella (who on the stage of honor received six minutes of applause for what could be his last appearance at the Prima alla Scala as head of state), and again, Michela Biase, girlfriend of Dario Franceschini, Minister of Cultural Heritage. King George wears sober and spectacular clothes at the same time Dominique Meyer, superintendent and artistic director of Piermarini and the president of Rai, Marinella Soldi. Besides Chiara Bazoli, girlfriend of Giuseppe Sala, mayor of Milan, superlative in midnight blue with a hint of bling bling.

On the celeb side of the show, they are focusing on the Armani touch Luca Argentero, impeccable and charming, and his wife Cristina Marino, long and with a bold neckline.

In Armani Alessandro Cattelan, in total black and a ton on ton shirt, and his wife Ludovica Sauer. Still Barbara Palvin, Victoria’Secret angel, beautiful in pale pink, accompanied by Dylan Sprouse in smoking.

Barbara Palvin e Dylan Sprouse. Foto Ipa

Alberto Scarpinato / IPA / IPA

And what about Greta Ferro, vision-à-porter, wrapped in a halter-neck dress that looks so dark lady. Hats per Manuel Agnelli and in dark blue with fur detail coat with (wins) in Emporio Armani. Also from the Re Giorgio team Cesare Cremonini, present with the mother, Diodato, the Councilor for Culture of the Municipality of Milan, Tommaso Sacchi and the soprano Serena Gamberoni.

Not going unnoticed, in a chic and particularly sober pinwheel this year, the electric blue and plumed dress by Cristina Fogazzi, in the century Cynical beautician, at La Scala with part of his crew, including Kathy La Torre and Paolo Stella. Nor the red cape, effect Oops, he did it again, from Alfonso Signorini, evidently recidivist. More discreet, definitely, Enzo Miccio, elegant and never predictable in a burgundy tuxedo jacket and a shirt with golden buttons. And what about Roberto Bolle, at ease in an off-series tuxedo and in its absolute element.

In conclusion, this is the year of rebirth but also of sophisticated sobriety, of total black and velvet, of perceived but not blinding flashes. Because the light at the end of the tunnel can be seen, but there is still a way to go. On the way, however, stopping for a moment and resuming the life that was instills hope. “Welcome back First!”

In the gallery the looks of the VIPs present, almost all in Armani.

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