First joint naval exercises for US, Israel, UAE and Bahrain

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain make the first joint naval exercises with the Israel, about a year after the normalization of relations between these Gulf countries with the Jewish state.

The naval high schools, which started yesterday Wednesday and will last for five days, are being held in Erythra Sea, next to the strategically important Suez Canal, whose shores are shared mainly by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the Navy said in a statement. USA, which conducts high schools.

“It is fascinating to see American forces being trained together with regional partners to strengthen our collective maritime security capabilities, “said Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, chief of the US Navy.

“Maritime cooperation helps maintain it freedom of navigation and of free trade flows“which are essential for regional stability and security,” he added.

According to APE BPE, last year Israel and the UAE participated in joint aviation high schools in Hellas. And last month, the head of the UAE Air Force, Ibrahim Nasser Mohamed al-Alawi, traveled to southern Israel to attend the “Blue Flag“, The largest high schools of the Israeli Air Force.

In addition to strengthening cooperation with new regional partners, high schools in the Red Sea aim to protect the seas from its influence Iran, the number one enemy of the Jewish state, said an IDF (Israeli Air Force) source.

Is Iran in the spotlight?

It is reminded that on the 29th of July the MT Mercer Street, a tanker operated by an company owned by an Israeli billionaire, was targeted by a UAV off the coast of Oman, killing a British private guard and a Romanian sailor.

The United States, the United Kingdom and Israel immediately blamed Iran, who denied that he had any involvement, against the background of a series of attacks and sabotage in the waters of this region.

“Iran (in the region) is not only involved with insurgents operating through agents (…) but it is taking place and at seaThe Israeli official told Reuters, referring to Iranian maneuvers earlier in the week in the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic hydrocarbon transit point.

It is worth noting that the Emirates, Bahrain and Israel share the same concern for Iran, given that Tehran is accused of multiple attacks on ships – like the one above – in the Red Sea and the Strait of Hormuz connecting the Gulf with Arabian Sea.

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