First problem Biden has to face is inflation, says ESPM professor

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ESPM’s professor of international relations, Leonardo Trevisan, in an interview with CNN , stated that the first problem Biden has to face is inflation. The Price Index for Personal Consumption Expenses (PCE), an important indicator of inflation, advanced 7.1% in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2021.

However, the expert believes that the President of the United States is “hands tied” in front of the American Congress. He explains that the great difficulty is that 50% of the senators are Republicans and two of the Democrats also vote with the opposite party. In this way, “the power [de Biden] on tax reduction is diluted”.

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A survey presented by Trevisan declared that 85% of Americans are feeling poorer than they did two years ago, “this is the picture that shows the weight of inflation in the country”.

Voters received a $1300 grant, however, the professor says inflation ate the data. The rise in prices is due to gasoline, which rose from US$ 3.40 in the national average to US$ 5.10, an increase of almost 40% – “which will hit the votes in November”.

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The professor presented another survey about 71% of Americans considering that the country is “going in the wrong direction and almost half of them are Democrats (Joe Biden’s party)”.

The election in the United States is scheduled for November 8, 2022.

Source: CNN Brasil

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