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First week of “No Rancho Fundo” will feature a young girl escaping after a forbidden romance

Owner of great sweetness and innocence, Quinota (Larissa Bocchino) will fall for the Marcelo Gouveia (José Loreto) in the first week of “At Rancho Fundo” . While the young woman lives in the outback, the character will come from the big city to find her.

From such different worlds, romance will not gain the blessing of Zefa (Andrea Beltrão), the girl’s mother. As soon as she catches the young couple together, the gold miner will threaten to capture the boy — who will quickly run away.

With her head completely turned by Marcelo, the girl will insist on the relationship and ask her mother to accept the romance. However, Zé Beltino (Igor Fortunato) will revolt when he discovers that the young man from the city has approached his sister. Overprotective, he will chase the boy and shoot him.

Even with so many obstacles, Marcelo will have a vision that he should marry Quinota. Determined, he will look for the young woman and ask for her hand. The scene will leave Zefa in disbelief.

Even though she had promised her daughter to accept the relationship, the protagonist will put Marcelo on the run. This will make the girl decides to run away from home taking the family donkey with him.

In love, she will go after the boy from the big city, but the two will end up falling out. Aimlessly, Quinota will get into trouble and be arrested — something that will make her even more desperate.

Without knowing her daughter's whereabouts, Zefa Leonel will blame Marcelo for the confusion and, coincidentally, after disrespecting an authority, the gold miner will be trapped alongside her daughter.

Insistent, the character will take advantage of the meeting at the police station to ask for the girl's hand again. With Zefa's disapproval, Quinota will rebel against his mother.

However, upon being released from jail, the girl will face Arthur (Túlio Starling). When Quinota is attacked, she will be saved by the good guy and will fall in love with him. This will be just the beginning of the love triangle that will run through the plot.

Source: CNN Brasil

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