Firsts of Alpha Mutual Funds in 2021

Firsts of Alpha Mutual Funds in 2021

Alpha Mutual Funds (Mutual Funds) recorded excellent returns, occupying top positions in their categories for another year.

These returns favored both the old shareholders and the new investors who trusted their savings in the products of Alpha Asset Management A.E.D.A.K. and led to a significant increase in the assets of the Company under management of the Company by Euro 0.8 billion (+ 55%) in 2021.

The beginnings of Alpha Mutual Funds confirm that they are a timeless reliable investment choice. The goal of the Company is to be the first choice of investors to achieve significant returns as well as for the high level of know-how and professionalism.
of its executives.

Top in global investment

The first place in its category was secured by Alpha Global Blue Chips Equity Classic (+ 31.8%), a equity portfolio consisting of the leading multinational companies internationally, recording the highest return among all Alpha Mutual Funds. Also, the Alpha Fund of Funds Cosmos Stars USA Equity Classic with a yield of + 30.8% was ranked first in its category. It is noteworthy that the above two international mutual funds also maintain the first place in the horizon of three and five years in their categories, proving their timeless superiority.

Also, at the top of the returns of its category is the Alpha Global Allocation Mixed Classic (+ 15.8%), which is now the largest in the Greek market, attracting the highest placements in the A / C sector. In addition, he has received the highest distinction (5 stars) from
Morningstar rating agency, in recognition of its performance against the International Competition (SICAV) of its class.

At the same time, Alpha (LUX) Global Themes ESG FoF EUR (+ 20.6%) recorded an exceptional performance (+ 20.6%) in 2021 and (+ 37.4%) during its two-year course. It is an innovative Fund that incorporates ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) criteria in the selection of investments, while promoting sustainable development.

Firsts in investments in the Greek market

Among the Funds that invest in the Greek market, Alpha Greek Classic Corporate Bonds stands out (4.8%) taking the first place in its category. In addition, Alpha Hellenic Mixed Classic (+ 9.1%) is ranked in the top M / Cs of respective investment policy in 2021, as well as in a three-year and a five-year horizon.

The Hellenic Equity Classic (+ 19.0%) and Alpha Blue Chips Hellenic Equity Classic (+ 17.0%) also achieved high returns, which are significantly superior to the performance of the Athens Stock Exchange (10.4%). .


Source From: Capital