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Fittipaldi and Matarazzo lose to Argentine for Italian Senate seat

Two-time Formula 1 champion Emerson Fittipaldi and the former minister of the Special Secretariat for Social Communication (Secom) in the FHC government and former Brazilian ambassador to Rome, Andrea Matarazzo, were not elected for the South American seat in the Senate. from Italy. The chair went to the Argentine Mario Alejandro Borghese, who is a deputy in the current legislature.

The politician from the neighboring country obtained more than 58,200 votes. Fittipaldi, who ran for the right-wing coalition, received 31,300 votes. And Matarazzo, from the Democratic Party, ended the election with 27,200.

In the dispute for the two seats in the Chamber, the Italian community in the region elected Fabio Porta, from the same ticket as Matarazzo, who obtained 22,400 votes. The other seat also went to Argentina, represented by Franco Tirelli, with 44,400 votes.

Brazil, where 418,000 Italian voters are registered, is part of the South American section, with 12 other countries. The seats reserved for parliamentarians elected in the region fell by half, from 6 to 3. Voters in these countries were able to choose only two deputies and one senator.

Having the largest number of Italian voters, Argentina, with 756,000, gathers more strength to place representatives in Parliament. Historically, the most voted senator in the South American section has always been an Argentine-Italian.

Source: CNN Brasil

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