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Fiuk reveals fans at BBB24 and remembers his participation in the reality show

Fiuk revealed to those who support BBB 24. The actor and singer, who participated in the 2021 edition of Big Brother Brasil, also reflected on his first of five walls on the reality show.

“I was exhausted by the experience inside the house. I remember that I slept a lot in the following days… I'm half vampire, and at the beginning of the program I was really bad, it wasn't a joke”, he said in an interview with Quem.

“I was feeling bad, I saw bullshit all day. I'm the biggest positive, I'm good and, for me, it was crazy to have to go through those fights, to have to take a stand on such heavy things”, commented the singer's son Fábio Junior.

“At the end of the day, I was there to have an experience to play, I wasn’t there to prove that I’m good at fighting,” he continued.

“That was very difficult at first, I kept looking and saying: 'Wow, is this Big Brother? Is it messing around all day?'.

As soon as I came back from the first wall, it was my key. I was always judged a lot, and I knew what I was going through in there. As soon as I came back from the wall it was awesome, and I went all the way”, he says, who stayed at the BBB house until the end of the edition, winning third place in the year Juliette was champion.

After declaring fans for Bahian Davi Brito , Fiuk left some advice for the participants leaving the house this year: “Each life is a life, each process is a process. Never give up.”

Source: CNN Brasil

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