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Five dead and dozens injured in forest fires in Turkey

Five people died and dozens were injured in forest fires that spread to villages in southeastern Turkey, the health minister announced today. “There were five dead and 44 injured, 10 of them with serious injuries,” in the two zones near Mardin, Minister Fahrettin Koca wrote on X. Images posted on social media showed a giant fire lighting up the sky and big clouds of smoke. Four emergency services teams and 35 ambulances are on the scene, Kotza explained. The fire broke out yesterday, Thursday, in the evening in a zone located about thirty kilometers south of Diyarbakir and spread quickly due to strong winds, affecting five villages, Interior Minister Ali Gerlikaya said. “Unfortunately, three residents of the Diyarbakir district and two of the Mardin district lost their lives,” the latter said via X. Source: APE
Source: News Beast

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