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Five life tips from Michael Mosley, who met a tragic death in Symi

The search for the British presenter Michael Mosley in Symi, who had been missing for days and a huge search and rescue operation had been set up to locate him, had an unpleasant end. The news of the death has shocked Britain. The body of the 67-year-old BBC presenter was found in the area of ​​Agia Marina, at a distance of ten meters from the beach, on rocks. Dr Michael Mosley has worked closely with BBC Radio 4 and the BBC Studios Science Unit for many years on ground-breaking science and health programmes, from ‘Medical Mavericks’, ‘Eat Fast Live Longer’, ‘Inside Michael Mosley’ and ‘The Young Ones’, to ‘Trust me I’m a Doctor’. He also made regular appearances on ‘Morning Live’ and ‘The One Show’, and of course presented his own hugely popular and successful podcast ‘Just One Thing’ on BBC Radio 4 and ‘BBC Sounds’. He was a brilliant scientist, presenter and program creator, capable of making the most complex subjects […]
Source: News Beast

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