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Five premature babies have been found dead in a hospital in Gaza

Five premature babies were found dead in a hospital Gaza Citywhich was at the heart of hostilities before the ceasefire between Israel and Hamasthe press representative of the Hamas Health Ministry announced today to AFP.

Until the ceasefire, the hospitals of the largest city in the Palestinian territories were located the target of Israeli raids. Many of them were evacuated, some at the behest of the Israeli army, according to doctors.

The occupation forces left five premature infants in the intensive care unit of Al Nasr Hospital“, one of Gaza’s largest pediatric hospitals, said Dr. Ashraf al-Kidre.

“Soldiers forbade doctors and families from approaching them and when doctors were able to enter the ICU last night, they found their bodies partially decomposed,” he added.

Contacted by AFP, the Israeli military said it could not comment on the matter.

Source: News Beast

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