Five STF ministers vote against the production of dossiers by the Ministry of Justice

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Five ministers of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) have already voted for the unconstitutionality of the production and sharing of a dossier prepared by the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, with information about servers classified as “anti-fascist”.

The rapporteur, Minister Cármen Lúcia, voted against the production of the dossiers.

“There was no objective or direct challenge from the Ministry of Justice in relation to the news of the preparation of the documents. Intelligence activities, therefore, must respect the democratic regime, in which the persecution of opponents and the political apparatus of the State are not allowed”, said the minister.

For the minister, “intelligence bodies of any hierarchical level of any of the branches of the State are also subject to the scrutiny of the Judiciary”.

Minister André Mendonça declared himself a suspect. Mendonça was a minister at the time the documents were produced.

The trial runs until this Friday (13). In virtual, there is no discussion, only the presentation of votes.

If any minister asks for a view (more time to analyze the case), the trial is suspended. If there is a request for detachment, the case is sent to the physical plenary of the Court. In this case, it is up to the President of the Court to schedule the trial.

The action was presented by Rede Sustentabilidade against “the act of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security to promote a secret investigation into a group of 579 federal and state security workers identified as members of the ‘anti-fascism movement’ and university professors”.

In August 2020, the STF had already determined the suspension of the Ministry’s activities. Now, the ministers analyze the merits (content), whether or not the specific case is valid.

Source: CNN Brasil

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