Flight forward through TIF and examination

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By Niki Zorba

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Undoubtedly, the political shocks the government has been facing for a week, since the surveillance of Nikos Androulakis by the National Intelligence Service was revealed, are strong.

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The resignations of Kontoleonto-Dimitriadis, after all, were indicative of what would follow. The facts, from the government’s point of view, are (at least) twofold:

1. Kyriakos Mitsotakis knew nothing until last Thursday about the surveillance of the president of PASOK.

2. The monitoring was “legal” but “politically unacceptable”, as the prime minister himself stated and insists on the government mentioning at every opportunity, causing the PASOK message but also a “contradiction” between Eu. Venizelou-G. Gerapetritis, for the constitutionality of the case.


Beginning with the Act of Legislative Content, brought by the government to enshrine “security measures” in the operation of the EYP, initiatives will soon be taken for the rest of the changes announced by Mr. Mitsotakis in his message:

1. Upgrading the role of the National Security Council for better utilization of information and the Ministry of Defense.

2. Changes within EYP to strengthen internal control, transparency, extroversion and training of its human resources.

In this field, new governmental initiatives are expected in the next period. In any case, however, the government absolutely does not want to open a “war” for the sensitive and critical role of the Service in the national security of the country.


The gap between the government and PASOK has grown since the moment the government insists on asking the president of PASOK to be informed by the competent authorities himself, without at the same time leaving any room for doubt about the legitimacy of the EYP’s actions. He accepted the recommendation of the Commission of Inquiry (also through the Prime Minister’s message), however, it remains to be announced for what period the Commission of Inquiry will be called to investigate the operation of the EYP and its actions.

Reliable information states that the ruling faction’s proposal for the period of time that will be examined by the Inquiry Committee is from 2010 until today.

In general, since the start of the memorandum adventure that includes the PASOK-ND governments. the Maximos firmly declares, moreover, that no shadow should be left in this case and moves in the direction of illuminating every aspect of the story.

All this will be decided immediately after August 22 when the Conference of Presidents on Parliamentary Planning will convene: Within the same week the discussion at the level of political leaders that the leader of the official opposition has requested on the issue of wiretapping will take place.


The political thermometer will show “heat” throughout the month, but with Maximus attempting a clear flight forward, to release from shocks and pressures.

The vehicle is certainly the economy and the infamous “TIF basket”. Meetings and preparations have already begun in Maximou for the measures that will be definitively qualified and announced by Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki.

The signals sent out in this field by the government and the competent ministers are absolutely positive within the available fiscal space, The income from tourism and the fulfillment of taxpayers’ obligations will “unlock” the mix of “benefits” to support society and the economy in view of an extremely difficult winter, on all fronts of accuracy. The amount of measures expected to be announced by the TIF, however, is even estimated at 2.5 billion.

No to elections, reorganization and a new electoral law

Under the weight of recent developments, especially after the absolute rupture – as it appears for now – between the government and PASOK, scenarios for the acceleration of political developments are circulating inside and outside the government and press offices.

The government’s message is stable, however, in the face of scenarios that bring it close to a change in strategy (elections at the end of the four-year term) and the announcement of elections much earlier. No such planning is included in the government plans, is the persistent signal sent by the government. The government representative rejected it in the middle of last week, when he was asked about it and answered sharply “no”.

The next debate that has been opened (as is always the case in cases where the government wants to signal a restart), is the scenario of Kyriakos Mitsotakis going to the International Exhibition of Thessaloniki, with a fresh government scheme. Although the transformations are usually denied until they actually take place, the government equation does not seem – at the moment at least – to entertain such scenarios.

Government officials are equally negative about the possibility of a new change in the electoral law, which K. Mitsotakis himself has ruled out for a long time (despite suggestions to the contrary). Could the prime minister withdraw from his commitment that he is not going to proceed with a new change of the electoral law, now that the conditions for his cooperation with PASOK appear rather prohibitive given the developments?

And on that, the answer from authoritative sources is “no.” Have the relevant recommendations to Mr. Mitsotakis been returned? Clearly yes. Certainly, however, the discussion has been reopened, in order to avoid “political instability” after the (definitive) collapse of N. Androulakis’ association with the government faction.

Republished from “Chapter” in circulation

Source: Capital

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