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Flights, all the ways to save with Google Flights

Of tips and tricks on how save on the purchase of an airline ticket they waste it. Many are unfounded, others hang on to chance, still others are not always effective. Rather, it is better to rely on what the platform tools allow us to do, provided we use them with a certain continuity. Especially if your travel plans aren’t particularly flexible.

As well as Skyscanner, too Google Flights offers some of these services to try and secure an advantageous price. For example, on the Google platform (known in Italy as Google Flights) you can already understand if the prices for your searches are low, standard or high compared to past averages on the same routes. However, the Hamlet question remains: is it better to book now or wait for a (possible but not obvious) discount? A few days ago Mountain View launched a series of updates. For example, for searches that have reliable data, users will now see the advance windows where prices are typically low, so try to combine those predictions (and those destinations) with your own travel plans.

“For example, these insights could tell you that the cheapest time to book similar trips is usually two months before departure, and at the moment you are in that optimal situation – explains Google Flights – or you could find that prices usually drop close to of take off, so you decide to wait before booking. Either way, you can make that decision with a greater sense of confidence.”

Then comes the price trackingactually seen elsewhere as well. When activated, the feature automatically notifies the user if flight prices interest them they are going down significantly. You can set up monitoring for specific dates or, if you are more flexible, activate price monitoring for «Any date» so that you receive emails about offers at any time in the next three to six months. To enable this function, however, you must be logged in to your Google account.

The latest novelty, however valid only for the United States and in an experimental phase, is the flight guarantee. An aggressive move by Google to the sound of sound dollars: if you see a colored badge on certain results, it means that the platform is particularly sure that the fare in question will not drop further before departure. If the user books one of these flights, Big G ensures a sort of refund, via Google Pay, in case the price drops.

“In addition to these tools, we’ve gathered other insights to help users travel on a budget,” Google added. “Last year, we shared money-saving insights based on historical price trends on Google Flights. numbers with the most recent data and most of the suggestions from 2022 are still valid: make a stopover or avoid weekend departures are among the best ways to save on your next flight booking. But things have changed a bit for flights over the Christmas period and for flights to Europe. In both scenarios, the advice is to book even earlier than usual, especially if you are going overseas».

Finally, looking at the coming months, it is worth asking yourself what is the best time to book flights for Christmas: it is very likely that the best offers will crop up around thebeginning of October. Average prices tend to be lowest 71 days before departure — a big change from Google Flights data from 2022, which found average prices were lowest just 22 days before departure. And the typical low price range is now 54-78 days before liftoff.

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