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Flood in RS: Interactive maps show places affected by rain; look

Interactive maps made by CNN based on data released by the Civil Defense of Rio Grande do Sul, they show the current situation in relation to the rains that have been affecting the state for around two weeks. See below:

On the map above, the affected municipalities are represented in red. The blue color represents unaffected locations, while the yellow dots are the cities where there have been confirmed deaths.

According to a report released last Tuesday night (13), 450 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul were affected in some way by the storms. This is equivalent to 90.5% of all 497 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. Click here to see the list of cities.

Civil Defense reports that the 147 deaths confirmed so far occurred in 47 cities in Rio Grande do Sul. See the map below:

The map shows that deaths caused by rain occurred mainly in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre and in the central region of the state.

Only 47 municipalities in Rio Grande do Sul were not affected by the rain. See where they are located:

From the map, it can be seen that most of the cities that were not hit by the storms are located in the north, northeast and northwest regions of the state, close to the border with Uruguay and the border with Santa Catarina.

There are still a few municipalities that were not affected and are located on the state's coastal strip. They are: Arroio do Sal, Terra de Areia, Osório, Imbé and Tramandaí.

Another city that had no impacts caused by rain until Monday night is Chuí, which is considered the southernmost point in Brazil.

See the list of cities that were not affected:

  • Admiral Tamandaré do Sul
  • Holy Water
  • Arroio do Sal
  • Arroio do Padre
  • Bagé
  • Baron of Triumph
  • Shed
  • Bossoroca
  • Caibaté
  • New field
  • Chuí
  • Drizzle
  • Southern Coconut Trees
  • Colonel Barros
  • Coxilha
  • Entre-Ijuís
  • Ernestina
  • Southern Hope
  • Guarani of the Missions
  • Horizontina
  • Black Coal
  • Imbé
  • Itacurubi
  • Jacutinga
  • Jaquirana
  • Mato Castelhano
  • Mato Queimado
  • Muliterno
  • Nicolau Vergueiro
  • Nova Araçá
  • New Candelaria
  • Osorio
  • Serra Pine Forest
  • Four brothers
  • Saldanha Mariano
  • Sananduva
  • Santa Barbara do Sul
  • Santana do Livramento
  • Santo Antônio do Planalto
  • São José do Ouro
  • São Luiz Gonzaga
  • Santa Cecília do Sul
  • Tapejara
  • Sand Land
  • Tramandaí
  • Turuçu
  • Vila Lângaro

Source: CNN Brasil

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