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Floods in RS: compare Google Maps images from before and after the rains

Update made by Google Maps shows the extent of the floods in Greater Porto Alegre. With the update, it is possible to see how far the water has reached in different neighborhoods in the metropolitan region.

Rio Grande do Sul had the worst environmental disaster in its history due to the heavy rains that hit the state between the end of April and the month of May this year. According to the latest Civil Defense update, the events caused the death of 172 people and left 806 injured and 41 missing.

According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the month of May was the wettest in the history of Porto Alegre, with 539.9 millimeters.

Until last Thursday night (6), 41.3 thousand tons of flood waste had been removed from the streets of the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, according to the city hall.

See the before and after images:

Surroundings of Salgado Filho airport:

Avião Alegre area (Praia de Belas):

Fátima neighborhood (Canoas):

Beira-Rio Stadium:

Porto Alegre Chamber Region:

Rio Branco neighborhood (Canoas):

Navegantes neighborhood (Porto Alegre):

Orla Park (Porto Alegre):

Praia de Belas neighborhood (Porto Alegre):

Gasometer Plant Region (Porto Alegre):

Source: CNN Brasil

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