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Floods in RS: Fire Department rescues mare that was on the 3rd floor of a building

The mare that was marooned on the third floor of a building in a condominium in the city of São Leopoldo (RS), was rescued by the Fire Department. The animal had been there since Sunday (5), when its owner, Dirceu Matias, placed it there in an attempt to save it.

The rescue involved several members of the Fire Department and volunteers, including veterinarian Leonardo Henrique Duarte, who described to CNN the operation as complex and exciting due to the mare's weakened state.

To remove the animal, it was necessary to remove the apartment window. Now, the mare will be taken to a safe place where she will receive the necessary care and hydration.

Dirceu Matias previously explained to CNN that, initially, the animals were housed on the second floor of the building, but due to the increase in water levels, they needed to be transferred to the third floor. Since then, Matias has been housed at the Clodomir Vanna Moog Municipal School.

The mare's owner, who lives in a farm in front of the condominium, stated that he had authorization from the condominium owner to shelter the animals there. He also mentioned having managed to save his other four dogs at the start of the flood and expressed his concern, as the mare in question also belongs to his daughters.

Source: CNN Brasil

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