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Floods in RS: see rivers that rise and fall this Wednesday (15)

According to an update released this Wednesday (15) by the Civil Defense and the Secretariat of the Environment and Infrastructure of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Sema), the state did not record significant volumes of rain in the last 24 hours.

O Taquari River and the Caí River show a decrease in levels along their routes. Both are already above the flood level. On the other hand, the mouths of both are quite full, with a high volume of water in the places where the rivers flow.

The Taquari River passes, among other cities, through Arroio do Meio, Lajeado, Estrela and Cruzeiro do Sul. The Caí River is bordered by municipalities, such as Feliz, Montenegro and São Sebastião do Caí.

O Guaíba It has been stable in the last few hours and should remain that way throughout today. The flood is expected to be prolonged during this week in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, as the lake still drains water from other basins.

On the other hand, the Rio dos Sinos, which passes through São Leopoldo, Canoas and Novo Hamburgo, and the Duck's lake, in the south of the state, they continue to rise. In the case of the latter, there is currently some stability, but new floods are expected following the arrival of water from territories further north.

Source: CNN Brasil

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