Floods leave at least 715 homeless in Rio de Janeiro

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At least ten cities in the North and Northwest regions of Rio de Janeiro suffer from the impact of the rains and the flooding of rivers that cross the localities and leave a balance of at least 715 homeless. Only on the weekend, according to the State Civil Defense, the Fire Department was called for more than 150 occurrences.

In cities like Porciúncula, Natividade and Itaperuna, there are images of intense flooding on the main roads, houses partially submerged and the use of tractors and heavy machinery to reopen blocked roads.

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According to the Porciúncula City Hall, where the Carangola River had 1.70m of transhipment, there are 600 displaced people and 149 homeless people in the municipality, in a universe of 1,800 affected inhabitants. The city is in the extreme northwest, on the border with Minas Gerais, and has approximately 19,000 inhabitants.

In the same region, in Itaperuna, almost 50 houses were affected by the floods and rains. There are 40 homeless people in the city and 14 homeless people, according to the municipal administration.

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In Natividade, 82 homes were affected. Five families are in municipal shelter, two are in temporary rent and there are 75 homeless.

The last balance released by the Secretary of State for Civil Defense, there were 400 homeless. However, the agency has not yet updated the balance sheet on Monday (10).

According to the state government, the rains caused blockages in at least five points of roads in Rio de Janeiro, mainly in the mountainous region. In part of the RJ-146, in the section between Santa Maria Madalena and Trajano de Moraes, the asphalt gave way.

The Department of Roads and Highways (DER), a state agency, works on clearing the roads and on emergency containment of slopes, in partnership with the municipalities involved.

According to the State Civil Defense, there were overflows in three rivers with sources in Minas Gerais, but which pass through the state: Carangola, Muriaé and Pomba, in addition to the Paraíba do Sul, which starts in São Paulo, but passes through Minas Gerais. The folder continues to monitor the level of the rivers.

Minas Gerais has been facing heavy rains for days that have caused landslides, flooding and other damage. According to the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet), the forecast is that the rains will continue this Monday (10).

The cities affected by the floods are Aperibé, Bom Jesus do Itabapoana, Cambuci, Italva, Itaocara, Itaperuna, Laje do Muriaé, Natividade, Porciúncula and Santo Antônio de Pádua, all in the North and Northwest.

Photos – Rains wreak havoc in cities of Rio de Janeiro

Reference: CNN Brasil

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