Home Politics Flordelis’ trial continues this Wednesday (9); see what is known

Flordelis’ trial continues this Wednesday (9); see what is known

Flordelis’ trial continues this Wednesday (9);  see what is known

The trial of former federal deputy Flordelis, accused of having her husband killed, was resumed this Wednesday (9), in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, with the testimony of Luana Rangel, daughter-in-law of the former parliamentarian.

To the jury, Luana said that Flordelis’ allies had different roles in planning the death of Pastor Anderson Carmo and that the former deputy had already tried to poison her husband, putting a suspicious substance in the juice delivered to him.

“Flordelis and Marzy [filha afetiva] participated because one did it and the other took it to the pastor. And I saw when she put the powder in his juice [pastor]but she wanted to justify it and said that the pastor did not take medicine and that she had to do so for him to take it”, revealed Luana.

In the first two days of the jury, six people were heard. Among them, Flordelis’ affective children and authorities who participated in the investigations, such as delegate Bárbara Lomba, who stated that there was no doubt about the defendants’ participation in Anderson de Carmo’s death.

Until 2 pm, the jury heard the second testimony of the day. This is Daniel dos Santos de Souza, affective son, who speaks by videoconference. His testimony was suspended for 1 hour for lunch.

Contrary to the initial forecast, which pointed to the outcome of the sentence this Wednesday, the expectation is now that the trial will continue until the weekend. The reason is the duration of the depositions, in addition to the list of about 18 witnesses who can still be heard at the request of the Public Ministry and the defense of Flordelis.

“This trial begins with the narrative that it would be a robbery and, today, we have new narratives of abuse and violation of the victim’s dignity and memory, things that we were not yet aware of. So we don’t know what the defense witnesses will bring to the process. The MP believes it will end by Friday, but it is difficult to set a date,” said prosecutor Mariáh Paixão.

According to Flordelis’ lawyer, Rodrigo Faucz, witnesses for the defense should begin to be heard this Thursday (10). The defense alleges that there is no evidence of the defendants’ involvement in Anderson do Carmo’s death.

“There is no evidence linking Flordelis, Marzy, Rayane and André to the murder. They keep talking about religiosity, ritual and anything else that has nothing to do with the crime, precisely to keep impacting the jurors from situations that have nothing to do with the crime. The defense considers this regrettable,” Faucz said.

In addition to the former federal deputy, four defendants are being tried: the biological daughter of Flordelis Simone dos Santos, granddaughter Rayane dos Santos and adopted children André Luiz and Marzy Teixeira.

Flordelis is accused of being the mastermind of the crime and is liable for triple qualified homicide – for clumsy reasons, use of cruel means and a resource that made it impossible to defend the victim -, attempted murder, use of false documents and armed criminal association.

Pastor Anderson do Carmo had been married to Flordelis for 25 years. He was shot to death on June 16, 2019, in the garage of the house where he lived with his family in Pendotiba, in the city of Niterói, in the metropolitan region of Rio de Janeiro. According to expert reports, 30 gunshot wounds were identified in the body.

Source: CNN Brasil



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