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Florence in beauty: the beauty addresses not to be missed

In Florence beauty is so omnipresent that you risk being overwhelmed by it at every corner, yet beyond everything we know there is something else, if you manage to go beyond the usual addresses, and experience the city as a perfect beauty destination, at least for once. Perfumes, first of all. There is no other Italian city where tradition is as deeply rooted as here, because it is precisely here that Italian perfumery developed in the Renaissance era, and even today the traces of that glorious past can be traced backwards, like perennial trails that have reached us. In Florence, however, it is not only the past that tells the story of beauty: here there is one of the very few Italian Hair Spas, there are discreet retreats where you can take refuge for wellness treatments, and beautiful shops that are love at first sight. Ready to go? The journey begins.

Rome: all the beauty addresses not to be missed
A journey through the Capital, to discover the right addresses where you can indulge in a beauty break. From unexpected spas to historic perfumeries, from the coolest hairstylists to secret salons, perfect refuges for cuts, blow-dries and chats. Far from the crowds and the outside world

Officina Santa Maria Novella: the kingdom of perfumes

In Florence The Santa Maria Novella Pharmaceutical Perfume Factory It is a true institution, you cannot visit the city without stopping by what is most likely the oldest pharmacy in the world still in operation.

The Santa Maria Novella Perfume Workshop.

The Santa Maria Novella Perfume Workshop.

The Officina was founded in 1221 by a group of Dominican friars, who obtained the concession of a small church outside the walls, Santa Maria Inter Vineas. The friars started a production of medicinal herbs and plants, which over time also became the production and sale of scented waters. The turning point came during the Black Death, when they began to distill Rose Water, used to sanitize environments and as a medicine. In the mid-15th century, “herbs and roses were distilled”, as stated in a document. The modern history of the Officina begins right here, together with that of perfumery. Today, the Officina is a brand, as well as a beauty destination: the historical headquarters is in Via della Scala, 16, in the same environments where it was born. A museum boutique, where you can find perfumes, candles, soaps, products for the home and for the bath. A wonderful journey between history and present.

A detail of the interior of the Workshop.

A detail of the interior of the Workshop.

From Aquaflor, to create a tailor made perfume

No less suggestive is the story of Aquaflor, which has always had its home in Corsini Antinori Serristori Palace, a few steps from Piazza Santa Croce. Perfumery here has always been an art and retains a somewhat magical charm, thanks to an underground laboratory created from the historic cellars of the building, where all the fragrances are made by hand as they once were.

The underground laboratory of Aquaflor Florence.

The underground laboratory of Aquaflor Firenze.


In addition to visiting the atelier, here you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the many experiences offered, such as workshops for the creation of a personalized perfume, under the guidance of an expert perfumer. From the choice of essences to bottling, a 100 ml Eau de Parfum was created: a souvenir, yes, but to always be worn. The session with the perfumer lasts two hours and a half and costs 570 euros (For information and reservations: here). If, however, you want to buy something already available, take some time, the choice is really wide: the collection includes i perfumes for the person, divided into Noble, Precious and Rare, Florentine colognes, perfumed waters, room perfumes, candles, incense and a line of cosmetics.

A detail of the Atelier in Borgo Santa Croce.

A detail of the Atelier, in Borgo Santa Croce.

Eleonora Gentile Luxury Hair Spa, where hair care has an extra edge

There are many ways to take care of your hair, and oriental-inspired Hair Spas are a beautiful way to do it, because wellness is not just about lengths and scalp but involves all the senses. At Eleonora Gentile Luxury Hair Spa, the treatments are carried out on a washing table, in a discreet room, the Luxury Lounge, while a massage combined with chromotherapy and aromatherapy pamper the body. “THE Ritual Hair Spa They are carried out after a advice: it ranges from purifying to hydrating ones», explains the manager Roberto Finardi. «The final rinse is done with water in a jug, acidic with a low pH, similar to that of the skin, ideal for closing the scales and making the hair shinier and silkier.” And during the application of the products, even for those who just want to do a styling, the power of steam is exploited: delivered at a temperature of 50-60 C°, it allows the active ingredients to penetrate deeper, for a divine result.

©Courtesy of Eleonora Gentile Luxury Hair Spa.

©Courtesy of Eleonora Gentile Luxury Hair Spa.


Among the flagships of the Rituel Spa is theEnergy Rebalancing with sound massage, lasting 60 minutes. It is a head and neck massage performed with techniques from the world of oriental medicine and harmonic vibrational massage with chakra stimulation. In the background, the sound of the Tibetan bell. The ritual lasts 60 minutes and costs 150 euros (For information and reservations: here).

Relaxation goal at the Helvetia&Bristol Spa

Mind and body regenerate at Spa Helvetia & Bristol, luxury retreat in the historic center of the city, perfect for a weekend dedicated to wellness. You can immediately tell that this is a special place: intimate, private, it is located right where the Capitoline Baths of the Florence Roman, whose ancient walls can still be seen along the wellness path which, as in the origin, is inspired by the principle mens sana in corpore sano.

The interior of the Spa HelvetiaampBristol.

The interior of the Helvetia&Bristol Spa.

The philosophy of the Spa finds its maximum expression in the Signature Treatmentscollection of wellness rituals and treatments made with the products Cinq Mondes. Summer, then, is the ideal season to take refuge here, because you can experience the Ritual of Sian, with the exclusive massage Balinais. This is an ancient therapeutic practice inspired by the Thai technique: a mix of stretching manipulations combined with breathing exercises, which promote blood and lymphatic circulation and the elimination of toxins. A maximum relaxing massage, accompanied by the use of the Baume Fondant aux Noix Tropicales, which it contains Coconut, Tamanu and Kemiri oil, among the most hydrating. A real panacea in an oasis of peace and relaxation. For information and reservations: here.

The baths of ancient Florentia are still visible, confirming the link between yesterday and today.

The baths of ancient Florentia are still visible, establishing the link between yesterday and today.

In the new flagship store of Teatro Fragranze Uniche

At 22 Via De’ Tosinghi, another wonderful olfactory experience awaits you. Unique Fragrances Theater, elegant boutique where you can immerse yourself in the creative universe of the fragrances and perfumes of the Florentine brand. Open since last April, the flagship store perfectly embodies the mood of the brand, founded in 2012 by Fiorella Lucci, Federica Schirra and Gaia Caiani. Choosing, as always when it comes to perfumes, is not easy, but to start you can opt for a discovery kit, or for a personalized sensorial journey, in search of the perfect accord.

The Teatro Fragranze Uniche boutique.

The Teatro Fragranze Uniche boutique.

Gino De Stefano Hair Designer, the hairdresser of the stars

In 2022 it was awarded the best salon in the world, but from Gino De Stefano Hair Designer, in via Ponte alle Mosse, no one got over their heads, even though many famous people have passed (and pass) through the hands of Gino and then his brother Massimo. The dry cut, that is, the dry cut is the rule, the perfect solution for any hair, to avoid the nasty surprises you often run into when cutting wet hair. There is no risk, seeing is believing (For information and reservations: here).

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