Florence + The Machine and Gemitaiz: the sound of the pandemic

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Florence + The Machine – Dance Floor

Florence Welch is on her fifth studio album. Mainly recorded in London during pandemic, evokes what the British artist felt he was losing. The union between people, the movementthe freedom. The strength of music played live in front of people as the greatest lack, that of its audience that gives oxygen and strength and that for a decade has seen it play on tour non-stop. Her forced return of her from New York at the beginning of her writing, which brings her back to London where immobility generates study and research that becomes this new music. There forced breakthe painful pause, thus resonates in a record in which the energy of the 14 tracks explodes and becomes the expression of one choreographic dance which draws inspiration from folkloric elements of the Middle Ageskeeping that trace melancholic which has always distinguished the band. Dance, folk, Iggy Pop that mingle with “sad poems” full of empathy. In this new album Florence expresses her potential to the fullest.

Gemitaiz – Eclipse

The new album by Gemitaizat the registry office Davide De Lucafour years after his last job David, triple platinum certified. Anticipated by the single that gives the album its title, in feat con Neffa, Eclipse turns out to be a complete sound-level work, showing the influence of pandemic between the texts. The charm of the loneliness is the protagonist, the story of an intimate gaze that tells the rapper’s change grows from track to track, accompanied by the image of the eclipse as a symbol of something rare but special that defines this work made up of thirteen tracks. The Roman artist is not afraid to reveal himself, confirming his non-trivial writing skills that keep his desire to give his best in the first place. It will play live from June 18th.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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