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Football idol, Hernanes ventures into the world of Italian wines

Football idol, Hernanes ventures into the world of Italian wines

The player Hernanes known as “Profeta” presented in the third edition of Wine O’Clock, this Wednesday (6), the red “Barbera” from his winery Ca’ Del Profeta in Montaldo Scarampi, in Piedmont, Italy. The closed event, which took place at HighEnd Jazz Clube in São Paulo, had its 70 guests rocked by the musical presence of Tony Gordon winner of the eighth edition of The Voice Brasil.

“It was a transformation that I had to go through, I am very grateful to football for providing contact with other cultures, because I didn’t know much about wine and was even somewhat prejudiced. But when I discovered more, it was the beginning of a lot of curiosity and when I saw it, I was already fully involved”, Hernanes tells CNN Travel and Gastronomy .

From stadiums to wineries

“Knowing the world of wine helped me in football. We, players, follow our instincts a lot, our decisions at the moment. But when I came across wine, controlled and cared for in the smallest details, from temperature to humidity, I brought this culture into my life and into sport” says the Prophet.

On Brazilian territory, Hernanes secured his place in the hearts of São Paulo FC fans, but the player experienced great moments in his career in Italy, which began in 2010, at Lazio, and continued with spells at Inter Milan and Juventus. It was during his season in Europe that the athlete met the terroir and the country’s unique cuisine.

“What I bring from my football to wine are my values, and my desire to always be and offer the best,” says Hernanes.

His relationship with winemaking was finally strengthened in 2015, already at Juventus, when he purchased part of the vineyards from Enzo Forno, a descendant of a traditional family from Piedmont, in northwestern Italy. The region, with a continental climate, guarantees a unique identity to Ca’ del Profeta wines. Hernanes currently controls 5.5 hectares of vineyards with Barbera, Grignolino and Brachetto.

With the collaboration of Enzo, who Hernanes today considers an “adoptive father”, the player continues to manage the vineyards, following the guidance of important local producers who helped reach the 10,000 bottles/year mark. And he adds: “If I hadn’t met Enzo, perhaps I wouldn’t have been able to continue with this project, he was very important and like almost every Italian, he is passionate about football”.

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Source: CNN Brasil