For ba&sh, women are essential

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Women who work with and for women. This is one of the concepts of social responsibility dearest to the Parisian brand ba&shwhere ba stands for Barbara and sh for Sharon, longtime friends who in 2003 decided to co-found their womenswear brand see now buy nownow also present in Italy, thanks to the first store recently opened in Milan, at number 2 of Corso Como.

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The T-shirt from the Women Are F collectionadamental

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The sweatshirt from the Women Are F collectionadamental

And it was in Paris that the two entrepreneurs gave a party at the Ellia Gallery to present Fund&Actiontheir charity program dedicated to women through the launch of the collection Women Are Fadamental, created in collaboration with some French exponents who have been working for years to give more and more voice to women. Among the guests numerous French influencers and actresses, including Miss France and the actress Daniela Melchior, which we will soon see in the cinema ne Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 And Fast & Furious 10.

The ba&sh cream. Photo Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

The target? A charitable activity active in the fight against violence and in the creation of socio-economic opportunities for women in France and around the world. All proceeds from sales will be donated to the non-profit association Women Safe & Childrenwith which ba&sh has been collaborating since 2014 and which offers assistance services for victims of violence.

Actress Daniela Melchior. Photo RSEBASTOPOLIS

Sébastien Jourdain

Influencers Paula Nata and Claire Rose. Photo Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

«ba&sh is a brand committed to all levels, both environmental and social. With Fund&Action we have chosen to further consolidate the spirit of female solidarity, supporting women in what they do and helping organizations that promote women’s rights», explained the CEO of the brand, Pierre Arnaud Grenade. «This initiative perfectly illustrates our philosophy, our belief that women are stronger when they unite, and we have called on the members of the ba&sh crew to co-create this collection», add the founders Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief.

Barbara Boccara with Miss France. Photo Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

Influencers Alyson Toby and Louise GrandidierPhoto Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

The motto Women are F*a*damental it is not chosen at random. For the founders and activists belonging to the ba&sh crew, women know how to be fundamental, supporting each other, always believing in what they do, and having fun creating. This can also be perceived through the video campaign created by the French-American director Sabrina Van Tassel, in which the singer also took part Louane Emerathe actress Alexandra Lamythe model Noémie Lenoirthe content creator Laura Gonnet and the dancer Andrea Bescond. All the protagonists are united by the idea that women are invincible and unstoppable, determined to improve the monodo thanks to the power of the female collective.

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The community of inspiring women that Barbara and Sharon have used to create this capsule collection – for sale online, except for the T-shirt which can also be purchased in-store, including the Milanese boutique – are businesswomen, dancers and journalists, who believe in the strength of sisterhood and who fight to improve society. The capsule collectionwith milky white and blue tones royalranges from clothing to lifestyle and wellness items.

Singer Anna Kova. Photo Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

Photo Alek Katar – Ten days in Paris

Who makes up the ba&sh crew and what did they sign? Emna Everardco-founder of the online wellness supermarket Kazidomi, has developed a wellness box, while the activist Julia Daka, founder of Sadaka, has created a handcrafted candle that symbolizes the flame of commitment. The dancer of the Paris Opera Amandine Albisson designed the royal blue hoodie, Cathy Closer from the Season restaurant, opted for a handcrafted ceramic plate and cup, e Clementine Galeyfounder of the Bliss Stories podcast, has revisited her beauty kit for pregnant women. Elodie Garamondwhich specializes in holistic well-being, instead put the campaign slogan on a yoga mat, while Agathe WautierCEO of the Think Tank Galion Project, designed a padded laptop sleeve, and the podcaster Melody Madar thought about the layout of the baseball cap.

Next creative stop for the ba&sh crew? We trust in Italy!

Source: Vanity Fair

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