For bicentennial, Government expects to spend 3.4 times more on September 7 than in pre-pandemic

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In the year in which President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) is running for re-election and calls for demonstrations in favor of his candidacy, the federal government plans to spend around R$3.3 million on the September 7 parade in Brasília, according to the Ministry. of Communications. It is the first major federal act after the end of the restriction measures caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Before the health crisis caused by the coronavirus, in 2019, the ceremony cost R$ 971 thousand. The current budget is 3.4 times higher than it was three years ago. That was the last time the ceremony took place in the capital.

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The government argues that the new price, using as a basis other related celebrations, attributed more sumptuousness to the fact that the country is celebrating 200 years of Independence.

The structure of the act on the Esplanada dos Ministérios began to be assembled. The Social Communications Department expects the service to be completed by the weekend.

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Bolsonaro is not expected to make a speech during the September 7 parade in Brasilia. He will arrive at the event venue in the presidential Rolls Royce. He will then give authorization to the Planalto Military Commander, Major General Gustavo Henrique Dutra de Menezes, for the parade to begin.

At least two heads of state have already confirmed their presence at the act: the presidents of Guinea Bissau, Umaro Sissoco Embaló, and of Cape Verde, José Maria Neves. The presence of the president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, is still expected. All representatives from Portuguese-speaking countries were invited.

This time, the stands will have a capacity for 20,000 people. There will also be space for another 10,000 people to circulate along the three kilometers of track along which the parade will pass.

In all, nearly 6,000 military personnel are expected to participate in the parade, scheduled to begin at 8:30 am. Highlight for three troops: the Dragons of Independence, who were at the side of Dom Pedro I in the act that became known as “Grito do Ipiranga”. Another participation is by the military of the Presidential Guard Battalion, which, in the past, due to its loyalty to the chief, was called the Emperor’s Battalion.
Land Force vehicles, such as the Guarani and the Astros –used to fire missiles and rockets– will also be presented to the public.

The Brazilian Navy will parade with tanks. And the Air Force will fly through the sky with Gripen planes and will present the traditional Smoke Squadron.

Firefighters and Military Police of the Federal District will also parade. As well as federal security forces, students from military schools and some social projects in the capital.

Among former presidents of the Republic, the only one who indicated that he should attend is Fernando Collor de Mello (PTB), who is campaigning for the government of Alagoas.

Religious leaders were also invited. This is the case of Pastor Silas Malafaia, who confirmed his participation. The last time there was a large-scale September 7 parade in Brasília, Bolsonaro invited businessmen and other religious and TV personalities, such as Sílvio Santos and Edir Macedo. So far there is no confirmation of the presence of the two.

Restricted tickets

Servants from at least three ministries, according to the CNN , are already filling out an electronic list to gain access to the most disputed bleachers of the parade. Each person can indicate up to ten names, which will then be screened by the Presidency of the Republic.

The information that such lists are circulating was confirmed by the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights. But, according to the folder, it does not represent a guarantee of participation. “It’s a pre-list,” said a source.

Brazilian Air Force aircraft display during September 7, 2020 in Brasilia

At the Ministry of Mines and Energy, some servers reported that they have also already booked tickets for the places closest to where the authorities will be staying. There will be four standout platforms. The seats in front are the most disputed and require more security control by the Institutional Security Office (GSI).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also called for interested parties. But for now, vacancies are restricted to diplomats.

Security of the population will be carried out by the DF police

The Public Security Secretariat of the Federal District (SSP-DF) will be responsible for controlling access to the Esplanade and for general security on the roads that give access to the Central Zone of Brasília and throughout the perimeter of the National Congress, Federal Supreme Court (STF) and ministries. Palácio do Planalto and Itamaraty are the only ones that will be under the guard of the Armed Forces at first.

The local government informed that the public security plan for 7 de Setembro was made with the participation of local and federal institutions, through negotiations with representatives of the security sectors of the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate, the STF, the Superior Court. (TSE) and the Federal and Federal Highway Police, among other bodies.

According to the SSP, the intelligence sectors of the Civil and Military Police also act in the preventive monitoring of social networks, events and demonstrations that may impact and compromise the safety of participants. The folder works with hypotheses of demonstrations in the Esplanada dos Ministérios and in the TV Tower.

This monitoring is carried out in an integrated manner between the security forces and 29 other agencies, as well as institutions and agencies of the local and federal government, with the support of video surveillance cameras.

These integrated bodies monitor public acts of any nature, respecting constitutional limits. In addition, they help to promote public safety actions. Working together corroborates the safety, mobility, inspection and health of the population of the DF.

Army will be on standby

Parallel to the parade, about 900 soldiers from the so-called Planalto Readiness Force will be on standby in a relay scheme in the barracks of Brasília and at strategic points on the Esplanada dos Ministérios to act in the event of conflict.

Officially, the entry of trucks on the S1 and N1 roads is prohibited throughout the 7th of September. However, the parking of an electric trio was authorized at the time of the Ministry of Health to be used after the military parade.

In fact, if he decides to talk to supporters, that’s where Bolsonaro can make a speech. However, the CNN found that advisers close to the candidate for reelection try to dissuade him from the idea, considering that it can generate wear and tear or incite violence among the participants.

The military on readiness will be wearing the “shock” uniform, used when the Constitutional Law and Order Guarantee (GLO) device is activated.

The last time it was necessary to trigger it in the capital was in 2016, close to the period that resulted in the impeachment process of then President Dilma Rousseff (PT). By law, only the President of the Republic can trigger GLO.

Source: CNN Brasil

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