For Queen Elizabeth “the Crown first of all” (including relatives)

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Qhen the survival of the monarchy is at stake, Elizabeth II doesn’t look anyone in the face. Not even to the closest relatives. Because she, before being a mother and a grandmother, is a Head of State. And this, since she took the throne almost seventy years ago, she has never forgotten. The last example he gave us with the third child Andrew of York. When it became known that the prince involved in the scandal of the billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein will be tried in America with the accusation of having abused a woman, Virginia Giuffre, when she was a minor, the sovereign reacted like a steamroller. He deprived Andrea of ​​the title of Royal Highness, of patronage and military honors. Andrea is the queen’s son but he will have to defend himself as a private citizen. The Crown risks being dragged into a planetary scandal, there is no room for feelings.

His Majesty was no longer tender, many years ago, with his rebellious sister Margaret, note collector of forbidden loves. In 1955 the princess ended up on the pages of all the tabloids because she wanted to marry the colonel Peter Townsend, divorced and sixteen years older than her. Marriage was impossible as the Anglican Church did not accept divorce. After months of arm wrestling in the family, Elisabetta put her sister in front of an either-or: either the man who had made her lose her mind, or the comforts of a life of royal height. On October 31, referring to faith and obligations to the Nation, Margaret announced her separation from Peter Townsend. However, the spell was broken between her and her sister.

Elisabetta showed her more decisive side even with lady Diana. When the princess in 1995 granted the «Notorious» interview at the BBC in which he made the Crown tremble by telling all his torments in front of millions of spectators – the “Three-way marriage” with Carlo (due to Camilla), the betrayals with the army captain James Hewitt, and then the bulimia, the depression postpartum, the masochistic temptations – The Queen ordered her son to divorce, took Diana out of the royal family by writing her a £ 17 million quit check and he also removed the rank of Royal Highness from her. The same fate befell Sarah Ferguson after her divorce from Andrea: the duchess, banned from court for years, he had had the title of Royal Highness by marriage. As a result, once the union was over, he had lost it.

Neither Harry, once a favorite grandson of Elizabeth, has escaped the hard fist of the sovereign. After the Megxit the prince was deprived of the title of Royal Highness (although he continues to use it), of all his patronages and of his beloved military titles. And now it seems that The Queen, exasperated byshock interview in which the Sussexes have accused the royal family even of racism, and worried about the memory bomb that her nephew is about to publish, would be ready to go on the counterattack: “Elizabeth is not willing to tolerate further attacks on the royal family”, as a royal source told the Sun. So that “is looking for a super defamation lawyer“. When the survival of the monarchy is at stake, the sovereign does not look anyone in the face. Not even to relatives.


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