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For six days there has been no news of the ex-boyfriends from Veneto: split searches for Filippo Turetta and Giulia Cecchettin

For six days we have been looking for Filippo Turetta’s black Fiat Gran Punto between Veneto, Friuli, Alto Adige and Austria. Since the girl’s uncle heard a quarrel in the parking lot near the house on Saturday evening in Vigonovo, he recognized the voice of Giulia Cecchettin and heard Filippo’s black Punto skidding at full speed. The more time passes, the more complicated the scenario becomes. And the question that everyone is holding between their lips is: where is Giulia? More than a hundred men search in the woods of the Pusteria Valley and along the Brenta and Muson rivers looking for any detail that can provide answers.

Meanwhile, the surveillance images provide the first details: here is the black spot passing through Zero Branco, in the province of Treviso on the night between Saturday and Sunday, at 00.43. The vehicle continued to Aviano, then going up to Piancavallo, descending, via a secondary road, to Lake Barcis and cutting through Valcellina through Claut and Cimolais. The car exits through the Vajont ravines between Erto, Casso and Cimolais. A journey that normally takes three and a half hours. Filippo, however, takes five: the car is tracked at 7.37 in Val di Zoldo, then in Cortina and Ospitale at 9.37. Sunday’s is the last certain detection. Investigators are now concentrating their searches in the area between Sesto and San Candido.

What doesn’t add up

There are two time gaps in the race of Filippo Turetta’s Punto nera. The first, Saturday night: why did Filippo Turetta take twenty minutes longer to travel the stretch between Fossò, in the province of Venice, and Zero Branco? The other hole, Sunday morning. Between the Vajont Dam and Pecol the car takes two hours more than the normal journey. What happened in those two hours? The third question concerns Filippo’s possible autonomy: his car has been wandering in the Northeast for six days, how much longer can he resist the cold in the car?

The destination

The fact that there have been no ATM withdrawals from Filippo for days and the same journey of the boy’s car are overshadowing the hypothesis that his was not a fit but a premeditated gesture. In fact, in Austria Filippo had been to a concert two months ago: the tickets had been purchased together with Giulia when the two were still engaged. Then they broke up and Filippo went by car to the event, while Giulia reached the concert by train with her sister Elena.

Split searches

The double deployment of forces, between the mountains and the plains, implies an extreme hypothesis: while on the border with Austria they are looking for a car, along the banks of the Brenta and the Muson they would be looking for a body. Nobody formalizes this direction, but the analysis of the blood found in the Vigonovo square together with some hair, the quarrel, and the fact that all trace of Giulia has been lost for six days authorizes us not to exclude the worst hypothesis.

Giulia and Filippo’s family members

Meanwhile, yesterday was a difficult day for Giulia Cecchettin’s family. In fact, the 22-year-old should have graduated in Engineering: her sister Elena had decorated the house with red bows, and everyone had the hope that she would show up for the graduation session at the University of Padua.

A few days earlier, in a club in Padua, Giulia had shown up with Filippo: it had been him (according to reports The Gazzettino) to order the dishes for Giulia’s graduation reception.

Yesterday Filippo Turetta’s father was heard by the police and reiterated his opinion. «My son never hurt a hair of her head. They had broken up, but they saw each other often: I cannot exclude that he continued to hope to restart their relationship, after all they had already broken up for the first time.” However, the testimonies of Giulia’s sister and her cousins ​​give a different story. «Scenes even over the smallest things», she tells al Courier cousin Giovanni Passarotto, «once she didn’t want to accompany him to the ATM and would have preferred to stay in the car with her friends. He exploded.”

The piece of fabric

Yesterday afternoon along the Muson, in the municipality of Santa Maria di Sala, a piece of white fabric caught in a metal mesh was taken by divers and taken to the laboratory. An answer is expected from the analyzes as to whether the shreds could belong to the missing boys.

Source: Vanity Fair

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