For the 2nd consecutive time, A Casa do Porco is the best restaurant in Latin America in French ranking

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This Monday (28) the list with the thousand best restaurants from the world of La Liste 2023 🇧🇷 Repeating last year’s feat, ten Brazilian houses on the Rio-SP axis are included in the list with emphasis again on the São Paulo The House of the Pig by chefs Jefferson and Janaína Rueda.

According to the ranking, the house in the center of São Paulo was crowned once again as the Best Restaurant in Latin America It’s from Brazil 🇧🇷 And the score went up: the house scored 96 points compared to 93 last year.

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In the 2019 edition of La Liste, the establishment had already been awarded as the most creative in the world.

Launched in 2015 in France, the list does not list restaurants in podium format, but assigns scores to establishments from zero to 100 based on the compilation of hundreds of guides and millions of online reviews.

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In all, this year’s La Liste database considered 1010 guides from 200 countries in the final evaluation.

It is worth mentioning that A Casa do Porco has established its prominent place on the international scene in other world awards: the restaurant currently appears in the 7th position among the best houses in the world of the 50 Best Restaurants and still in the 4th place among the top 50 in Latin America.

brazilian highlights

O mani authorial and contemporary Brazilian cuisine restaurant by chef Helena Rizzo appears right after A Casa do Porco with 95.50 points compared to 93 points last year.

As in the previous relation, the SUN it is the third best placed in Brazil and stands out in the ranking with 94.50 points.

It also stands out in the Italian capital of São Paulo Fasano 🇧🇷 the carioca gold appears in the fourth position among the best placed in Brazil with 90.50 points, just above the Oteque Home of Alberto Landgraf which received 82 points.

Also appearing on the list are the Ryo Gastronomy with two Michelin stars, as well as the Carlota O Jun Sakamoto it’s the President the latter one of the four restaurants in Eric Jacquin in Sao Paulo.

Check out the best evaluated Brazilian houses in La Liste 2023 and their respective scores:

  • The House of the Pig (SP) – 96.00
  • Maní (SP) – 95.50
  • DOM (SP) – 94.50
  • Fasano (SP) – 93.50
  • Gold (RJ) – 90.50
  • Oteque (RJ) – 82.00
  • Ryo Gastronomia (SP) – 77.50
  • Carlota (SP) – 77.00
  • Jun Sakamoto (SP) – 77.00
  • President (SP) – 76.00

In addition to the scores, the chef Manu Buffara which commands the Manu in Curitiba, won the Ethics and Sustainability Award which honors a chef or restaurateur who demonstrates exemplary dedication to ethical practices, sustainability and social responsibility in the workplace, industry and community.

“Even more commendable than his cuisine is his commitment to reconnecting the people of Curitiba with food and improving their home food system,” mentions La Liste.

This year, the Brazilian chef had already been elected the Best Female Chef in Latin America by Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants 🇧🇷 The professional took to the stages of the celebration in Mexico on the 15th to claim the award.

World’s best

With 99.50 points, the ranking is headed by three restaurants: Frantzen in Stockholm at Sweden; O Guy Savoy, in Paris it’s the Le Bernardin, in New York 🇧🇷

The Swedish house has no less than three Michelin stars and ranks 25th among the 50 best restaurants in the world on the list of 50 Best Restaurants.

Parisian Guy Savoy also carries three Michelin stars and stays at the Hôtel de la Monnaie, which still houses part of France’s monetary institution.

The New Yorker Le Bernardin, which also carries the nickname of Best Restaurant in the United States in La liste 2023, presents a French cuisine focused on seafood.

Like the restaurants with which it shares the podium of the French ranking, it has three Michelin stars and is currently ranked 44th among the 50 best restaurants in the world by 50 Best Restaurants.

Source: CNN Brasil

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