For the first time in history, the average price of diesel exceeds that of gasoline

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The price bulletin of the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) points out that, for the first time since the beginning of the historical series, the price of diesel has exceeded the value of gasoline.

According to the agency, after the adjustments by Petrobras, the average value of common diesel (S-500) reached R$ 7.56, while the S-10 diesel was verified at R$ 7.67.

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In the case of regular gasoline, the price of fuel was observed at R$ 7.39, while additive gasoline was around R$ 7.48. Both cheaper than diesel.

In the state of Mato Grosso, the ANP found diesel at R$9.15 per liter, the highest value in the country. In the case of common diesel, Acre was the state with the most expensive value of the fuel, costing R$ 8.95.

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In the state of São Paulo, the most expensive common gasoline in the country was identified. In the capital of São Paulo, three gas stations in the Santa Cecilia neighborhood sell fuel at R$8.89.

In the case of additive or premium gasoline, Rio de Janeiro was the state with the most expensive fuel in the country, being found at R$ 9.28, in the municipality of Magé.

Other fuels

Ethanol, a non-petroleum-derived option for flex-fuel drivers, continues on a downward trend, reaching R$4.87. In the last week, ethanol was found at R$ 4.91.

Natural gas for vehicles also fell, reaching R$5.31, compared to R$5.36 in the last survey.

Source: CNN Brasil

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