For the first time outside of China: DiDi presented the D1 electric car in Skolkovo

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Today, December 7, representatives of a fairly large Chinese conglomerate DiDi, which works in the field of taxi, car sharing and not only, first showed their D1 electric car outside China – a compact car was presented in Skolkovo. It is worth noting that this car was created with the support of the local automobile manufacturer BYD – the main goal was to create a convenient and profitable vehicle for the taxi service in terms of operation. And, judging by the listed advantages, the developers managed to implement their plans with a plus.

Image from the Telegram channel “First of all. Almost”

For example, the manufacturer has set itself the goal of providing maximum comfort for passengers in the back row – there is extended legroom, comfortable sofas for sitting and many additional little things. The driver was endowed with many auxiliary functions that allow him to more efficiently overcome the route, keeping himself and passengers safe. And the best part of the news is that representatives of DiDi promised to hold a full test drive of the D1 electric car in Moscow in the foreseeable future. There is no information yet about who will be allowed to test drive, but the car is really interesting.

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