For virtual testing of electronics: the first Russian software-hardware-methodical complex was launched

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On the basis of PJSC “Institute of Electronic Control Machines named after I.S. Brook “(PJSC” INEUM named after I. S. Brook “) and LLC” Research Institute “ASONIKA” (LLC “Research Institute” ASONIKA “) at the end of December 2021, the first Russian domestic software-hardware-methodological a complex of virtual tests of electronics called “Elbrus-ASONIKA” (abbreviated as PAK “Elbrus-ASONIKA”) – this was reported on its website by the employees of the “Research Institute” ASONIKA “.

The Elbrus-ASONIKA complex includes:

  1. a computer based on the Russian Elbrus-8SV processor;
  2. Russian CAD of electronics;
  3. national standards of Russia in the field of simulation and virtual testing of electronics.
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The developers of the PAC “Elbrus-ASONIKA” emphasize that this complex was developed by the research institute’s own funds – the scientists did not enjoy financial support from the state. At the same time, of course, the newest Russian complex includes relevant developments that meet all modern GOST standards. For example, we are talking about a database that lists the entire domestic electronic component base, as well as materials on geometric, physical and mathematical, fatigue, thermophysical, electrical and reliability parameters.

In addition, PAC “Elbrus-ASONIKA” includes design kernels and special graphical interfaces that are necessary for the analysis and ensuring the resistance of all electronic equipment and electronic components to mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic influences, as well as fatigue strength to thermal and mechanical influences. Moreover, there is a separate subsystem that creates digital twins of EA and EEE, which only simplifies the work with the above processes. The development has already passed certification in the Ministry of Defense and is recommended by the guidance documentation for the design of the EA.

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