Foreign groups are claiming a share in the construction project

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By Eleni Botas

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The entry into large foreign construction groups in Greece opens the package of projects amounting to 43.3 billion euros that will be implemented by the end of the decade.

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These funds, which are foreseen until 2030, will come from both the Recovery Fund and the Public Investment Program (PIP) and the NSRF.

The implementation of the projects included in the above “pie” of 43.3 billion euros, will concern: 58.4% energy projects, 13.3% highways, 12.3% metro projects, 7.7% railway projects, tourism product upgrade 4.2% and waste management 3.6%. At the same time, a significant number of PPPs (Public-Private Partnership) are in progress for building projects and fiber optic networks that also have a construction object.

According to information, this large volume of projects that are expected, in addition to the domestic construction groups, which are given priority by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, allows large foreign construction groups to enter through international tenders in the coming years.

With basic care, as reported by construction market executives, the backlog and the undertaking of projects by domestic groups, the next step is to open the market to construction companies abroad.

“First we will take care of our yard and then we will open the fans of the projects through international tenders”, says a leading executive of the construction market to

The entry of foreign construction groups is considered by many to be self-evident as the financing of the projects comes largely from European funds.

Therefore, it is logical that the European partners want the participation and the claim of the projects on Greek territory and by large construction groups of their country.

Asked whether the construction sector of the country can cope with the large volume of projects to be done in the near future or whether we will see large foreign construction groups to “enter” the Greek market, the Undersecretary in charge of Infrastructure C In an interview with, Karagiannis said, “I am sure that Greek manufacturers can be the best ambassadors of the country abroad and that Greece can take the position it deserves not only in the Balkans but also in all of Southeastern Europe.”

They are, after all, fully aware that the new environment that is being created, the changes that we are bringing and the growth rates that we are achieving are what the country needed in order to move forward with a confident pace towards the future. In this change we want companies that are strong and extroverted, adapted to high demands.

Companies will grow and breathe a sigh of relief after a decade of underinvestment.

The large infrastructure projects that we implement create a new dynamic in the construction industry, opening a wide field of action. From our side, we are creating the institutional framework in order for Greece to continue to be a pole of investment attraction and we look forward to those collaborations that will ensure the success of a project for the benefit of the national economy “.

Source: Capital

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