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Former BBB Marcela Mc Gowan shows the cat she adopted during volunteer work in RS

Marcela McGowan said this Monday (20) that she adopted a cat while she was volunteering at Rio Grande do Sul . The former BBB showed scenes helping a shelter surrounded by animals and then taking one of her rescues home.

“I arrived ready to give the life of a naughty bourgeoisie to this baby”, she wrote in the Instagram photo. During the volunteer days at this place, the doctor helped by taking photos of lost animals and cleaning the litter boxes. This Tuesday, Marcela published another photo showing the cat sleeping on her lap. “I don’t know what you went through, my denguinho, but you’re safe now.”

The gynecologist and obstetrician provided care in places affected by the floods and asked for donations for shelters and encouraged volunteering in that region. In addition to her, other former BBBs such as Pedro Scooby and Camilla de Lucas adopted pets that were abandoned and in risky situations in Rio Grande do Sul.

Source: CNN Brasil

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