Former CEO of Silicon Valley Bank hides in Hawaii

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Last week, one of the largest banks in the US, Silicon Valley Bank, was closed in California. This provoked a panic in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. Employees and the federal government are trying to piece together the rest of the assets, while the organization’s ex-CEO is vacationing in Hawaii.

Greg Becker has been director of SVB since 2011. It was he who encouraged and reassured investors when the bank’s share price began to fall. Shareholders filed a lawsuit against him, accusing him of negligence.

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It would seem that in such a situation he should be with his employees, trying to rectify the situation. But no. Becker left the CEO chair and fled to Hawaii with his wife, Marilyn Batista.

The couple owns a $3.1 million luxury Maui townhouse. Pictured courtesy of Daily Mailthe couple goes shopping, walks and, in general, spends time carelessly.

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After leaving the position, Becker, it seems, took a considerable compensation. The couple was delivered to the San Francisco airport by a personal chauffeured limousine. And they flew to Maui first class.

Becker’s two-story townhouse is located in a closed area of ​​a separate residential complex. For residents, all the necessary conditions are available here, including a tennis court, surf breaks and swimming pools.

Seeing the journalists, the ex-CEO hastened to hide in the car. He declined to comment on his departure from the bank. It is noteworthy that an investigation has been launched against the former CEO of SVB.

According to the Ministry of Justice, he sold most of his shares shortly before the bankruptcy of the bank. Federal authorities suspect that insider trading has taken place.

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